Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Participating students 2019

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Amalie Eilertsen2.jpg

Amalie Eilertsen

Bachelor degree in nursing


I am ready to be your next internship candidate. My strength is beyond being a nurse with a lot of empathy, medicine, psychological and psychiatric, experience and knowledge. My strength doesn't lie in basic skills learn in the classroom. My strength lives in my energi to create, to be creative, solution oriented and never give up on anyone. If you give me some of your passion and some tools to work with, i will give you the masterpiece you need me to create. Special interests: Artificial intelligence, Chatbots, new inspiring tech or other products.

1. I have persistence. I never give up on my patiens.
2. I am solution oriented. I am up for the challenge, and i work hard until we solve the problem.
3.I am not satisfied with the easy answer, i always ask questions. Therefore I see things in different perspectives than the regular populations.
4. I have great sosial skills.
5. I am not afraid to do what is necessary, when it might not be the popular choice.

Anniken Granberg2.jpg

Anniken Granberg

Master's informatics: design, use and interaction


I am a hard working, motivated master’s student from Norway, majoring in informatics. I have always wanted to study or work in the US so that I can challenge myself and see more of the world. I am cooperative and used to working in groups. My bachelor’s degree and previous studies have taught me technical knowledge, design and creativity. Special interests: Big, complex systems and The health sector (because I am writing my thesis about a hospital)

- I can bring a different and a Scandinavian perspective on things.
- I have knowledge both within design, like graphic and interaction, and technology, like programming.
- I have experience working in an office, so I can also help with other practical issues if needed
-I have knowledge from a Norwegian University that might differentiate from what is taught at American Universities

Arne Magnus Lorentzen Ulland2.jpg

Arne Magnus Lorentzen Ulland

Bachelor Business Administration


I want to combine technology, finance and creativity. Studied at the Army Military Academy, electrical engineering, philosophy and finance in Australia (ICMS, Sydney), Norway (NTNU and NHH) and Japan (KEIO, Tokyo) . Travelled the world alone for a whole year, worked as an english teacher in Vietnam and have more than 7 years experience in the stock market. Run my own investment blog with more than 100,000 yearly readers and I hold a yearly guest presentation at the Norwegian School of Economics in the course Trading and Market Microstructure.

- I have worked in various fields - in hotels as a night time manager, at IKEA with customer service, at Doctors without borders with selling, field research and marketing, in finance and investing with my own blog were I daily communicate with professional money managers.
- I also write articles for various investment sites and I've created my own webpages
- Lastly, I am the project leader for NHHS Consulting which is a student-run management consulting firm at NHH. The organization helps small businesses and start-ups improve their business, with previous projects ranging from strategy and market research to valuation. The possition includes sponsored training with some of the top consulting firms in the Nordics.

I am a fast learner and find joy in challenges, and I am used to thinking outside of the box. I am highly motivated by finance and investing, and I can do reasearch based on fundamental investing, dividend investing, dividend growth investing, etf and indexes and so on. Furthermore, I can write articles, create webpages and manage marketing and media since that is what I do on my own investing blog. And I can talk to customers because I'm good with people and I understand what they want and can come to an agreement without being a selling and agressive person.

Carina Elise Godou2.jpg

Carina Elise Godou

Bachelor in Real Estate


I am a co-founder and economist working at a financial agency, with a lot of voluntarily work on my resume. In addition, I was recently elected as the President of an independent students sports association with 18 sports. I strive to create good relations, and I am a strong believer of digitalization and new technology.

Special interests: Artificial Intelligence, Environmental Technology and Sports Technology.


  • I can contribute with start-up experience from both BI Athletics and NEF Ung, as I have had a major role in both of the organizations in their first year.

  • My current and earlier employers describe me as very thorough and reliable, and I would never leave unfinished work.

  • My experience from being a leader and from working close in teams has taught me to be patient with people and to respect and appreciate different personalities. The social environment is also very important to me, and I will contribute with positivity and encouragement.

Caroline Skibenes2.jpg

Caroline Skibenes

Master of Business Administration


I am a passionate and curious business student that loves traveling and meeting new people. I like working with people and I’m always interested in learning new things. I have a background in economics and business, and planning to specialize in strategy. I have experience from the telecommunication industry in Norway, where I’m working as a project manager for a telco.
Special interests: Technology (Internet of things, 5G, automatic homes), Finance and Telecommunication.

- Marketing related activities
- Customer relationship/support
- Due diligence
- Strategy
- Social media

Casper Wiig Nestaas2.jpg

Casper Wiig Nestaas

BA Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Kristinia University College
Project Leadership, Emergence School of Leadership


I’m a social and curious person with a growth mindset. My friends describe me as one who is nice to be around and good with people. I like high pace around me with new impulses both at work and private. I’m a sociable and dedicated candidate with great interest in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Christer Smerud Sola2.jpg

Christer Smerud Sola

Master of Science in Business and Administration


I´m a resourceful, responsible and independent master student in business and administration, with 8 years of work experience from the Royal Norwegian Air Force. During my last three years I served as a logistic and financial officer at 339th SOF (Special Operation Force) and Army Helicopter Squadron. I believe I can contribute to your business in the field of logistic, finance, organizational design, group dynamic and leadership. I’m a very positive person and I am really looking forward to the internship.

Special interests: Cleantech, Fintech/Blockchain, Mobility/Transportation/ Logistics with specialization in drone technology or artificial intelligence.

:•With my logistical experience from the Air Force, I can contribute with planning and implement logistical operations, and help with the supply chain management for your business.
•With my financial experience I can help with the accounting and also implement/ oversee lean management for your business, for a more effective use of your resources.
•With my officer training from the Air Force I can contribute with organizational structure, leadership and group dynamics. Much of the training in the military is to create a high-performance teams/ unit, that are able to cooperate in the best way both internally and externally.

Christine Marie Gulbrandsdatter Eng2.jpg

Christine Marie Gulbrandsdatter Eng

Master in Innovation and Management


I am an independent and self-motivated business graduate with proven and tested business, sales and marketing skills. Bringing forth a positive attitude, willingness and motivation to learn new programs. Special interests: Smart society, Food technology, Retail.

Experience and skills:
- Sales and marketing experience
- Experience in project management and planning
- Innovation and technology management skills
- Cross-cultural communication skills

Edvard Johannesen Bakken2.jpg

Edvard Johannesen Bakken

M.Sc. Informatics (Completed), M.Sc. Entrepreneurship (Ongoing)


Knowledgeable within both software development and startups from having taken, or taking, a master in both fields, and from being a full-stack developer in a promising new venture, creating the future of transport administration systems. Experienced in machine learning especially, but eager to learn about all aspects of creating a new business. Hungry to be challenged, get responsibility, and give it my all working with you!
Special interests: A tech-focused company, happily within machine learning and Broad spanning responsibilities, also outside software development, and Product development/innovation, Business plan.

Erik Køber Sandvik2.jpg

Erik Køber Sandvik

Master Business Administration


i'm an ambitious and highly motivated master student with a genuine interest for innovation, entrepreneurship and business development. Always seeking challenges for myself both academically and professionally. - Special interests: Commercialization: Help bringing a new product/service to market and Marketing and business development.
Skills from my academic background: Market analysis and Management Accounting
Skills from my professional background: Sales and Develop and maintain customer relations

Fred Hugo Strand Husøy2.jpg

Fred Hugo Strand Husøy

MSc Economics


I am a responsible and creative MSc Student in Economics with a passion for housing prices, market expectations, technology and privacy policy. My field of study involves understanding the interaction between economics, politics and society. I am very excited about new technologies - both how they work and affect us. Words that describes me: humble, creative, reliable. Special interests: Fin. Tech, Privacy, App development.

What I can do in an internship:
Accounting - Acquired through education, Hometrotter and volunteer work
Legal work - Acquired through Hometrotter
IT - Interest and education
Product development - Hometrotter, interest
Open to take on almost any assignment

What I can contribute with in the startup:
Creative and positive person, eager to learn!
Technical skills.
Cooperation and teamwork.

Henrik Follesø2.jpg

Henrik Follesø

MSc in Economics and Business Administration


I'm a Business and Administration masters Student, majoring in Business Analytics. In addition to a BSc in Business administration, I’ve recently finished a BSc in IT in little under 18 months. I’m a quick learner with great interest in contributing to a start-up team, and experience within both business and technology . Areas of special interest include innovation within financial services, process management and automatization.
Special interests: Business process management (eg. RPA robotics), Tech within finance, banking, consumer banking, p2p transactions, and Software/hardware as a service and virtual machines.

I can bring an understanding of both business and technology, and can bridge the gap between engineering and business, and
- Help with finances, budgeting, process management and business strategy.
- Product development. I'm a fast learner. Anything i dont know how to do, I will learn how to do it.
- I have experience with filmmaking, editing and animation, and can do marketing.
- Give objective and constructive feeback on solutions, processes and so on.

Ingeborg Vale Opdal2.jpg

Ingeborg Vale Opdahl

BA Development Studies and Linguistics


I am a curious and outgoing individual, with experience from multicultural environments. This comes from travelling, my studies in London and from my current job as a teacher for an exchange program. I have a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and Linguistics from SOAS, and I have attended several leader courses during the last 10 years. I connect with people from all backgrounds and ages, and I enjoy meeting people that are different to myself. In a work environment I am efficient, thorough, and work well both individually and within a team.

Special interests: Marketing, Customer Service, International Relations. I am energetic, creative, communicative, and structured.

Ingrid Andersen Holmbukt2.jpg

Ingrid Andersen Holmbukt

Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration


As a student at NTNU Business School, I have gained an insight in finance, marketing and organizational work, and I am interested in seeing how this works in real start-up companies. I am structured, social and active, and feel highly motivated to work as an intern. My motivation partly comes from my time spent as Vice President in our student union, but also from my curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Special interests: Environmental technology and sustainability, Financial technology, Health sector.

- Market and financial analysis
- Budgeting and accounting
- Team work experience from student union board
- Organizing and conducting events
- Strategy and planning

Ingrid Melhus Romstad2.jpg

Ingrid Melhus Romstad

Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration


I am an outgoing and positive girl, currently studying for a Bachelor degree at NTNU Business School, where I specialize in finance. I consider myself as an ambitious and hardworking person, who is curious to learn new things and is not afraid of a challenge, which I believe are qualities that will be useful and valuable in an internship like this. Special interests: Financial technology, Health sector, Environmental/Green sector.

Experience and skills:
- Market and financial analysis
- Sales and customer service experience from banking
- Work great both in teams and individually from volunteer work at the University, and from my job at the bank
- Creative thinking, problem solving and new insight

Judith Wetteland

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration


I’m currently a graduate student at The Norwegian School of Economics, specializing in business analytics and strategy. Held several internships in various industries from healthcare, UN agencies, and retail. Experience includes project planning, fundraising, conceptnotes, event coordination, and statistical analysis. Built additional marketing and sales capabilities through volunteering efforts at my University. Beginner skills in R, SQL, Python. Born in D.C, and love food, music and learning new things! Special interests: Renewable energy and off grid solutions, Using artificial intelligence for social good, EdTech solutions to enhance learning outcomes.

* Assist with fundraising and sales
* Perform statistical analysis
* Assist in project management
* Assist in building customer relations
* Stay curious and ask relevant questions that may benefit company development

Julie Lie Tandberg2.jpeg

Julie Lie Tandberg

Master of Science in Business Administration


I´m currently taking a master in business administration and I have a huge interest in how new technology and innovation can change the world. I am structured, flexible and creative, and I want an experience that challenges me and provide new insights and learning." 
Special interests: Artificial intelligence and robotics, Education technology and Transportation technology.
In the startup I can assist with accounting, finance, excel, strategy, marketing and cost-analysis. I have worked as a private teacher and teacher assistant as well as a personal assistant for disabled people both in the public and private sectors.

Julie Øvstedal2.jpg

Julie Øvstedal

Bachelor. Economy and administration


By this summer I have completed my bachelor degree in economy. During my education I have grown a deep interest in organizational structures, strategies and marketing. I loved subjects about entrepreneurship, and even had the chance to start up my own student company. In these topics I have the advantage that I am a person who dares to push boundaries, works hard to achieve goals and wants to acquire new knowledge and explore new opportunities. I would prefer working with a product or service that helps people, making their day easier and/or better in some way.

Experience and skills:
- In an internship, based on my work experience and education where I have learnt how to acquire new knowledge and use it in practical situations, I can contribute in a team to secure structure and strategy.

- With the solstice as head of business relations at NMBU, I have learnt how to contact companies that are of interest to the students, and maintain the cooperation with our partners. I have arranged business presentations, visits and social events for the students and companies. Therefore I'm good at planning, collecting information and interact with external sponsors.

- I have worked in home care, taking care of mostly old people that need extra help during the day. Here I learnt to work with different people in a vulnerable situation. You learn to structure your own day and handle various tasks and situations which you may not be prepared for.

Katrine Engja Stake2.jpg

Katrine Engja Stake

MSc in Economics and Business Administration


I am a positive and open-minded person who has a broad range of interests. Traveling is one of my passions, which has brought with it friendships across the globe. I consider myself a people-person, with an ability to see things from different perspectives. I am thorough, and a good listener who notices the small things. I have a business mindset, I am loyal to all my commitments and I like learning and contributing in order to reach mutual goals.
Special interests: Brand Management/Marketing/Communication/PR and open to various sectors, like Fintech, Biotech, Environment, Ed.Tech ++

Experience and skills:
* Communication and language skills, I have worked directly with customers in all my previous jobs
* Business mindset, driven by results, experience in working on projects from start to finish and enjoying the process
* Positive approach and a sense of humor
* Trustworthy, thorough, eager to learn and contribute
* Independent, but also a team player

Kevin Aaland2.jpg

Kevin Aaland

Master's Degree in Russian Studies


I have travelled and lived extensively abroad. I thrive in an international work setting and I enjoy being around people with different intellectual interests and pursuits. My abilities are: fluency in foreign languages, analytical and problem-solving skills, and social communication skills. Personal traits that describe me are: cultural consciousness, structured, diligent, polite, and pragmatic. I like to stay updated on the latest in technological development and trends, and I am always eager to acquire knowledge.

Special interests: Interactive VR-based experience to promote tourism, Artificial intelligence (Example: utilize AI in human language learning, develop AI programs that can understand human languages), Environmental- and other green technology.

Experience and skills:
Analytical and problem-solving skills. I have experience as a freelance journalist and writing reports when I was an intern in a consulate.
- Excellent writing skills that can be useful in marketing/promoting a product.
- Social and communicative skills. I am comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people about various topics. I also enjoy getting in touch with people and establishing contacts.
- Language skills and experience from living abroad. I have lived for longer periods abroad and speak several languages fluently. In addition, I have cultural consciousness which is essential when working in an internatinal company or abroad.
- Translation skills
- Quick learner who can see the context on a topic with ease.

Kristian Naess2.jpg

Kristian Naess

MSc in Nanotechnology


By studying nanotechnology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, I have experienced first-hand the importance of mastering problem solving challenges and analysis. The master’s degree is one of the toughest programs to get into in Norway. Being a part of this close-knit group with brilliant people has given me insight into a broad range of technology sectors. I have become familiar with both traditional and emerging technology trends, as for example IoT, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, robotics and automation.
Special interests: IoT, AI and Blockchain.

* Digital strategy
* Management
* Pitching
* Prototyping
* Programming

Lars Lomelde2.jpg

Lars Kristian Lomelde

Master of Technology Management. Norwegian University of Science and Technology


I've built and sold two companies, so I know a lot about the hard work it takes to start a business. The last six years I've used my skills and experience in management consulting, helping other businesses succeed. I'm really excited to spend the summer in the tech capital of the world, and hopefully both learn a lot and contribute to someone's success.

Spesial interests: Software, Fintech and Human Capital Management.

Experience and skills:
* Taking command of an operation or project, then guiding it to new performance levels, is my greatest strength.
* I'm good at analyzing needs and create solutions designed to yield a profitable outcome.
* streamlining inefficient procedures to boost productivity and sales.

Lotte Midttun Bakken.png

Lotte Midttun Bakken

M.Sc Brand and Communications Management (EBA)


22 year old Norwegian and American citizen, EBA student in Copenhagen. Prior work experience in PR and Marketing and additional projects relevant to innovation, branding and positioning, communications as well as digital marketing and business planning. Excel in varied work environments, hardworking, good team player, eye for detail and self-motivated.

Special interests: -Environmental issues/ sustainability, Consumer Discretionary and the Fashion Industry.

Experience and skills:
- Analytical skills
- Good team player
- Great ability to execute
- Hardworking
- Structured

Malin Ihle Amankwah2.jpg

Malin Ihle Amankwah

B. Sc. Digital Business Development, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


I am a self-driven, adaptable and creative individual who is always extremely eager to learn and adapt to given surroundings. I appreciate logistical approaches to problem solving, and I find myself energized by responsibilities and challenging tasks. During my studies I've distinguished myself with leadership responsibilities while also maintaining a top 5% placement in my class. My job, studies and extracurricular activities have allowed me to work structured and efficiently in both teams and individually with a problem-solving mindset and positive attitude.

Special interests: Green technology, Travel technology and Transportation/logistics technology.

Experience and skills:
- Thorough insight in socio-technical aspects of technological implementation and development.
- Understanding of economical foundation and consequences of technology development through development of business case.
- Experience and knowledge within logistical approaches to problem solving and project management.
- Deep understanding of the importance of meeting given requirements through continual validation and communication.

Markus Torgersen2.jpg

Markus Torgersen

MSc in Economics and Business Administration


I am a hard-working, invested and focused student from the Norwegian School of Economics who is looking to develop relevant practical work experience within the fields of data, strategy and analytics.
Special interests: Tech - Especially the use of machine learning, deep learning, any form of strategic thinking or analysis would also be very interesting.

Experience and skills:
Learner - Take immense satisfaction from being busy and have a contentious desire to learn and improve.
Restorative - Adapt at dealing with problems. Figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.
Tactical and strategical thinking - Figuring out how different people can work together productively while still seeing the big picture.

Marin Bjerkvold2.jpg

Martin Bjerkvold

Master, Mechanical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


I am a mechanical engineer student that would like to use my degree for problem solving and to find solutions especially when it comes environmental issues. Helping others while also reaching my ambitions is something I aspire to do. Fun, outgoing and ready for an adventure is some tags I would put on myself. I have worked in a professional office setting and been part of multiple and different students associations incl. leadership positions. I have technial experince as an engineering student.

Special interests Environmental, Technical , Innovative

Morten Ståløy2.jpg

Morten Ståløy

Completed: Subsea Engineer (HVL) Started: Master Economics (NHH)


I am a Subsea Engineer educated from Høgskolen på Vestlandet and currently studies economics at NHH. The combination gives a combined understanding of innovation processes with the capability of analysing the market potential. I am a driver: focused, competative and coriuos with potensial of sensing new business ideas.
Interested in sales and marketing for tech companies.

Experience and skills:
- I have an understanding of both technical and economic aspects of product development.
- Knowledge about new business development processes and how new business models are developed.
- Passionate about marketing. Completed course at NHH and have experience with facebook marketing when building the brand "Rainless".
- Experience with holdning presentation and presentation teqniques. Worked with one of the biggest construction companies in Norway, making powerpoints and discussing presentation techniques with senior management.

Nicolai Osmundsen2.jpg

Nicolai Osmundsen

Bachelor / Business Administration


I'm a 26 year old with a passion for startups and tech. I'm ambitions, enjoy working and challenging myself in new ways. I always look for ways to improve things and situations, and contribute with ideas and thoughts.
I'm very interested in how tech can improve the retail and environmenal sectors.

- Worked with strategy both in student society and taught at school.
- Economics taught at school.
- Had marketing internship where I worked with SEO for 3 months (awords and GA).
- Currently working on distribution projects.

Oscar Siggerud2.jpg

Oscar Siggerud

Master of Science in Business Administration


I am outgoing, highly motivated, social and always eager to learn skills and gain new experiences. I am fascinated by new technology and using it for a better and more modern world. Working and studying has sparked my interest in entrepreneurship and innovation, and I am now, more than ever, ready and eager to learn more about the field. I am truly interested in new challenges, work with complex problem solving across different fields of competence and new areas of business. As an employee I am hard working and dedicated, at the same time as I try to optimize the balance between work and fun.
Special interests: "Smart-solutions" both for business and private use. I find the transport sector and the possibilities to make it greener and more efficient very fascinating and intriguing. Finding new solutions for every day services, making them more streamlined in use and more affordable for the customer.

Experience and skills:
- Team-player (from work experience from the armed forces)
- Economical analysis of products (from education in financial management)
- Sales (from work experience as a salesman)
- High degree of work capacity

Othea Vikse2.jpg

Othea Vikse

Bachelor of Public Administration and Leadership


I hold a Bachelors in Business Management and Leadership, work as an intern in a MedTech start-up where I do communication and accounting. I am well traveled, adventure seeking and care for a more sustainable future.
I am interested in companies that have a focus on or is conscious about sustainability and solving environmental problems like UN's sustainable development goals.

Experience and skills:
- From the student committee, and my internship at Ably and Zero, I have obtained skills within operational management.
- Though my internship at Zero and Ably I have worked with communication strategy both for social media, marketing and how to reach new target groups.
- Though both my bachelor's degree and the student committee, I have HR experience.
- However, I am a quick learner and is always both happy to and able to adapt to new challenges.


Rebekka Unni Davidsen

MSc Economis and Business Administration (Specialization Strategy & Management)


I am curious, resilient and humble. I have a strong commitmentA to culture, society and technology. I want to take part in and acquire the ability to influence the digital transformation that our society faces. By sharing knowledge and collaborate across industries, fields and platforms, we can do better, reach further, and create more value for the people. Making a difference is to me truly inspiring!
I am especially interested in Biotech, Education and Maritime or Renewable energy.

Experience and skills:
- Strategy, Project Management, Planning and Organizing
- Team Management and Educational Development
- Attitude and Organizational Change Management
- Communication strategy and Marketing
- Business Intelligence and Analytics


Sugina Tharmarajah

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration


My name is Sugina Tharmarajah. I will identify myself as an ambitious person. I always seek an opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience. Through my previous experience, I have acquired the skill to see what must be done to fulfill the customers need. Another Key skill I have learned through my experience is an efficient use of time and resources. I see this as a rare opportunity to pursue my interest in logistics and SCM.

Interested in:
• Operations Management or other areas within Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• Work/Business related to effective (eg. scheduling, distribution etc.) or sustainable use of resources
• Goods transportation and warehouse management are also fields that piques my interest.

• Great planning and organization skills
• Motivated team player
• Analytical and critical thinking skills -> understand an issue from all possible angles, and pose creative solutions to challenges.
• Driven to contribute value through quick learning, resourcefulness, and skill for time management.
• Great communications skills -> able to adapt to fulfill the receivers needs.

Tine Sørgjerd2.jpg

Tine Sørgjerd

Business Administration


I’m currently studying business administration. In my master’s I’m will specialize in Strategy and Management. In the coming semester I will take a course in Design Thinking, which will give me competence in creative problem solving. I’m really passionate about business strategy and marketing and branding.

Special interests:
• Health Tech – After working three summers as an assistant at a hospital, I have seen that technology can contribute to make the everyday life easier for both patients and doctors/nurses.
• EdTech – I have been using EdTech myself as a supplement to some of the lectures and I found this really inspiring. Therefore, I would like to contribute and support the development of these type of tools.

• I can contribute within brand and marketing including developing marketing plans
• Design development
• Administer projects and follow up.

Vilde Aurora Johannessen2.jpg

Vilde Aurora Johannessen

Bachelor - Retail Design


I am a student currently writing my bachelor in Retail Design. I am outgoing and always has a positive view on life. Loves to learn new things and takes on challenges without hesitating. In my spare time I spend time doing different projects, and spending time with my friends. Interests in design, art, fashion and travel.

Special interests: I would love to work inside of Retail Design or brand communication, but I am eager to learn and will thrive in other sectors as well.

- Handles Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphisoft Archicad well
- Educated in the creative field, and thinks outside of the box
- Brainstorming and creative solutions
- Used to work with different people, and can contribute with high work moral and a positive attitude

Vilde Tellnes2.jpg

Vilde Tellnes

Master in Economics


I am creative, conscientious, with good communication skills and have appetite for new challenges. Currently I am studying for my master’s degree in Economics and working in DNB, the biggest bank in Norway. I love to travel and to learn about new cultures and interact with new people. I have visited more than hundred countries and hope to see the 91 countries I have left.

Special interests:
Artificial intelligence - I’ve always been very fascinated and would love to learn more, and also get insight in how 5g would affect the industry.
EdTech- Why can´t we all have the best professors there is and study anywhere.
Biotech - We eat to much meat and should find better alternatives both for us and the planet.
Medtec- I would like to learn more about it.

• Work methods like design thinking and lean canvas
• Analyze markets
• Social media profile
• Marketing and promoting
• Arrange workshops/conferences/ seminars and such
• Sell the concept