These are the students that participated in 2017:


Aannestad, Torkel  MATCHED WITH ARKA


MSc Economics and Business Administration, Norwegian School of Economics

Over the years of studying science of economics and business administration, sustainability has become a passion of mine. It is all about how businesses can align sustainability and profitability. For me this is about adapting the business models to the modern requirements, and looking for possible opportunities and threats in the future. I see myself contributing with my thoughts on sustainability and skills with strategic decision-making. Furthermore, I have an interest for the technological infrastructure in companies. Solutions for eCommerce platforms, order management and checkout design, or solutions for distribution are just some of the topics I want to learn more about. Especially interested in Sustainability as a key driver, Automation, Robotics and Edtech.

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Abilov, Anton  -  MATCHED WITH QUIKI

Bachelor Informatics: Programming and Networks, University of Oslo

Having continuously worked at a tech startup while finishing off my bachelor's degree, I have been able to dive into difficult concepts within computer science, while complementing it with real-world experience. Now, I am specifically interested in applying those concepts within a new environment and different problem domain.  Especially interested in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. 

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Ahsan, Syed Sabeel  -  MATCHED WITH VOLANS-I

Master Marketing and Brand Management, Norwegian School of Economics

I am passionate person that does not mind working long hours and putting in extra effort for a cause that I believe in. Right now I believe that new technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (but also VR) and Additive Manufacturing will change the working environment as we know it forever. I want to be a part of this change. Moreover I am a social and confident person with leadership skill and sales experience If our values align, I believe I can become an asset to your company.  Especially interested in AI, AR/VR, AM/3D Printing, Music-related tech.

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MSc Business Administration, Specialization in International Management, University of Agder

I have lived in Africa, Asia and Europe. You may ask how this may help you? Well, I believe that this brings with it a lot of international knowledge, which is key for any business success in today’s society. One of my greatest strengths as a learner is being a hard worker, in addition to having good analytical skills. I think this may have been a strong contributor to a professor at the University of Agder asked me to be his research assistant. I am also a quick learner, which helped my immensely, specifically when working as a tester and test coordinator for Nordic Adviser AS, on their project for one of Norway’s largest pizza restaurant chains. Especially interested in marketing and Social Media.

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Bjørnseth, Sidsel  - MATCHED WITH KIRAKIRA

Master Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen Business School

Young professional from Norway with an educational background from Social Anthropology, currently doing an MSc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School. My passion is centered on communication, technology and innovation. My work experience include building up two NGO´s and various communication work. As head of Media for one of Norway’s largest festivals I gained experience with communication both on a strategic and operational level. Especially interested in edtech, VR, Social Media, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship, Startups working to lower food waste or working with new food sources (like edible insects).

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MSc and Bachelor, Computer Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I'm a very outgoing person who loves to talk to new people and learn about new things. My extreme curiosity makes me a great listener and researcher and provides me with an analytical approach to solving problems. At Officer Cadet School one get a lot of honest, direct feedback. I listened carefully to and reflected upon this feedback, which allowed me to understand who I am and also how other people think. This experience made me very reflective and taught me to argue topics from several points of view. I ask questions other people don’t think of and I focus on what others might forget, this makes ma valuable team member.  Especially interested in edtech, Big Data (analytic part), AI.

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Bruun-Olsen, Selma  -  MATCHED WITH GROOVE

Bachelor Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Bergen

I am a motivated young student who enjoys facing challenges. I am studying work and organizational psychology in the University of Bergen, and have this autumn semester been on exchange in the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The reason why I chose this study-program was because I enjoy to take responsibility, motivate people and contribute to a good and efficient work environment. I have always been very creative, and since I was a child I have loved to draw, paint and create things. I have a long list with innovative ideas I would like to put into life, and to start my own business is a big dream I have.  Especially interested in Design and product development, Marketing and PR, Business development.

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Dybvik, Henrikke  -  MATCHED WITH DEEPLOOK

MSc Mechanical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I am a student in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in new product development, product design an innovation. I am creative and like working on idea generation. I am committed and passionate and want to be a part of creating something that solves an actual problem and that makes a positive impact. I am positive, good at understanding problems, a fast learner and I connect easily with other people. Special interests: smart house technology, edtech, disruptive technology (that in any way gives people a more sustainable mindset, f.inst. dematerialization tech), training gear, aquaculture.

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MSc Business and Administration, Oslo and Akershus University College
About to finish Msc in Business and administration with a major in finance, minor in strategy. I have a high interest for science and technology and have always tried to combine this with business through work and studies. I can make a fair sales pitch and also find marketing very interesting. The last two years I have been working in a start up accounting firm with a modern "no-paper" view on the accounting services and exciting projects with Uber drivers in Oslo. Previously I have experience as IT support and with IT operations. Topics I really would like to learn more about and can see myself working with are AI, Fintech, Edtech, automatization, drones/robotics and lots of other fun stuff.

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Erichsen, Christian Nicolai Kuster - MATCHED WITH VOLANS-I

MSc Mechanical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Former professional Nordic combined skier. I know what it means to work relentlessly towards ambitious goals both individually and as part of a team. I am a guy with a lot of interests, leading me to basic knowledge/experience in a lot of different fields and activities. Special interests:  sports- and outdoors equipment development, data analytics and machine learning, AI, quantified self.

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Fidjeland, Håvard Dyrdal  -  MATCHED WITH INSIKT

Master Management and Master Business Administration, Norwegian School of Economics

My great grandfather was an inventor and my grandfather was an entrepreneur. While the entrepreneurial spirit that runs in my family might have skipped a generation, it has most certainly not disappeared. I have always been fascinated by the thought of starting something from scratch, and I have witnessed both spectacular failures and amazing successes among people that are close to me. Now it’s my turn to take the wheel. After finishing my Masters in Business Administration this spring, as well as concluding my Master in Management with a 10-week internship in San Francisco, I feel ready to start something that might one day change the world.  Special interests: FinTech, EdTech, Cyber Security.

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Gausen, Eva Moa  -  MATCHED WITH NURX

Eva Moa Gausen Photo.jpg

Master Media Science, University of Oslo

I’m currently a master’s degree student in media science at the University of Oslo, with a interest for media history, organizational culture, language psychology and media innovation. My fields of interest outside my academic work are hiking, culture and especially music. Colleagues, friends and family compliment me for being honest, easy going and taking responsibility. Because I’m inspired by the technological development in media, I’m looking for a position where I can use both my academic skills as well as my people skills to gain more knowledge about the entrepreneurial culture and business in media.  Special interests: Businesses that creates services/products within the sharing economy, Marketing, Welfare technology, Music.

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Hjertø, Erlend  -  MATCHED WITH BOUXTIE 

Bachelor's Degree, Creativity, Innovation and Business Development, Kristiania University College

An energetic and hard a working person who is precise, creative and solution oriented. I see myself as an easy going person who is adaptable.I have experience from business development with focus on marketing concepts and communication solutions, based on growth strategies. I'm interested in sustainable innovation, and believe it's a necessity in order to survive, and because this contributes to positive repercussions in the society.  My ambitions are to create something for myself and the society. Exactly what that entails, I don't know yet. But I'm still learning and looking for opportunities every day."  Special interests: AI and Nanotechnology.

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Hogneland, Ove Sæverud  - MATCHED WITH INSIKT

MSc Economics and Business Administration, Norwegian School of Economics

Business and entrepreneurship have interested me since elementary school. At that time, my friends and I went dumpster diving to find useable things that we could sell. With no product costs and our parents being the customers, profits were high. Both in the dumpsters and later from other experiences, I learned that one can accomplish a lot by being positive and creative. I do not hesitate to take initiative or to challenge myself, and I love the team spirit. With the theoretical fundament, work experience and organizational experience of mine today, I both believe and hope that I can be an asset to the start-up company I get to work at.  Special interests: Sales and FinTech.

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Holden, Finn Magnus  -  MATCHED WITH MEGACOOL

Bachelor's degree, Creativity, Innovation and Business Development, Kristiania University College

My field of interest lie within the development of young communities in the entrepreneurial scene and I aim to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and exponential technology to be better prepared for the massive global challenges we are up against.  As an independent person, creativity and freedom is more important to me than security and stability.  My most ambitious goal is to redefine the rules of leadership. Special interests: AI and Robotics.

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Karlsen, Daniel Bjørstad  -  MATCHED WITH MONTAAG LLC

Bachelor International Marketing, BI Norwegian Business School

Love to be social, travel, explore, try new things and push boundaries, putting 100% in everything I do. Business oriented education, but with a technical understanding after 5 years of sales experience from the IT sector, working with software for a variety of sectors such as oil and gas, finance, real estate and public organizations. I thrive in the customer interface, having extensive experience working with clients and customer in all parts of the value chain, seeing the customer as the most valuable source for input to improve, innovate and learn. Having both the business oriented education and mindset, combined with technical understanding, makes me capable of seeing the bigger picture, build bridges between people and acquire knowledge within new fields more rapidly. I am becoming more passionate for every passing day about IT and all the possibilities that arise in this rapidly changing industry, and I am eager to learn as much as possible on my way to one day leading a team to new discoveries or starting my own                                                                               venture. Special interests: Cybernetics (AI and Robotics), Biotech, Information and communication technology,                                                                                   NanoTech, FinTech.

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Kjenås Mælum, Bjørnar  -  MATCHED WITH SnapEDA

Bachelor Electrical Engineering, University of Agder

Glowing passion for technology and electronics. I have been interested in many kinds of tech my entire life and I am most intrigued about robotics. Programming excites me and autonomy is the future. Ambitious people are pushing the world forwards and I want to be one of the many pushing, this is a team effort!  Special interests: Electronics, Robotics, Programming, Management.

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Krefting, Michel  -  MATCHED WITH BOUXTIE

Bachelor, Creativity, Innovation and Business Development, Kristiania University College

I am from Oslo and in my last year of my bachelor in Creativity, Innovation and Business Development. My interests lie within business development, marketing, growth strategies, social media and product and service design. I have many years of experience working with sales and easily get in contact with customers. I adapt quickly to new environments and cater all new projects with 100% of my attention. Looking forward to expand my network and working with new projects in San Francisco. 

 “Special interests”: Tech companies, AI, Marketing & advertising, E-commerce, Product and Service design

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Kristoffersen, Brage Strand  -  MATCHED WITH ChemiSense

MSc and Bachelor Petroleum Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I am a young and passionate petroleum engineer. I am intrigued by problem solving and being able to contribute towards a common goal for an organization. One of my traits is that I pick up information quickly, and will not stop until I learn it. I work well both in teams and as an individual. When solving a problem I look both at the overall picture and the details. My engineering and economics background give me the ability to have an analytical mindset while keeping costs in minds. I enjoy every aspect of technology, and I am keen to learn.  Special interests: Working with simulators, studying how interactions between engineers and simulators can either increase or decrease confidence in results and automation of workflows. Integrated Operations. Cross-disciplinary engineering teams for project management.  IT systems and problem solving in general.

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MSc Informatics: Programming and Networks and Bachelor Informatics: Language and Communication, University of Oslo

I am an energetic person with two years of working experience as a developer before I started studying informatics at the University of Oslo. I have spent the last five years in Oslo doing sports and developing my skills as a programmer. I am involved in student organization, where I’m currently sitting in the Executive board of Oslo student sports club. Although I love my position in Oslo, I am ready for new challenging assignments working as an intern in California.  Special interests: Tech, sports and marketing.

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Milter, Ragnhild Frøyen  -  MATCHED WITH ARKA

Master of Industrial Design, Interaction Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)

My projects as an industrial design student consist of making products and services for a better user experience across fields of disciplines. During the projects I practice user testing, product development, interface understanding, system oriented design, field studies and data visualizations. I’ve done work in product design, interaction design, service design and tangible interaction including different target groups like elderly with dementia, city bicycle users, students, workshops environments, dentistry patients etc. I’m a social student who enjoy working in teams as I’m confident this elevates concepts and encourage development. I’m used to time pressure, enjoy active workspace and always customer oriented.  Special interests: Information technology, 3d printing, Software engineering, Biomechanics.

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Moen, Ken Robin  -  MATCHED WITH MOZIO

Master Business and Administration, Norwegian School of Economics

Currently pursuing my fourth year of my Master's degree in Business and Administration at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). I have a diverse and strong theoretical background from three different universities in Norway and USA. I am familiar with developing business plans and presenting pitches from working on various startup projects in my studies. Combining courses with an analytical approach with innovative courses have given me a broad understanding of business processes. My military background has improved my problem solving skills and ability to work in teams in challenging situations. I consider an internship position in a startup as a unique opportunity to enhance my knowledge in my favorite field of interest.  Special interests: Transportation, FinTech, Disruptive technologies

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Myrmæl, Ingrid Espe  -  MATCHED WITH GROOVE

Master Business Administration, University of Agder

I have always been an ambitious and curious person, who enjoys challenges which provides development. I therefore seized the opportunity to exchange to Singapore, which has seen a massive economic growth in recent years. I also constantly strive to advance my skills and pursue opportunities where I can put them to test. This autumn I got the opportunity through the University of Agder to work with a start-up firm, where I consulted them in an internationalization process. Not only did I achieve the highest grade for my work, I was also offered a position at the firm involved. I believe this was due to my hard work ethics, accountability, structure and that I am engaged in what I do.  Special interests: Marketing, Social Media and Project management.

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Møll, Lene Stalsberg  -  MATCHED WITH WAKE

Bachelor Public Relations, BI Norwegian Business School

I’m a tech savvy communicator/marketer with four years of experience from one of Norway's top communication agencies, working with digital strategy, campaign development, content production, PPC, web analysis, social media management and more.  

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Næss, Marthe  -  MATCHED WITH AVA

MSc Industrial Design Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I am generous, but though. Funnily, I am a top team-player when I work, but at times a little too independent in my personal life, but I'm working on it. I am a dedicated. As a designer I see the big picture, I like to get down and dirty analyzing service systems, whether it be computer or human aided services. It needs to flow and it needs to make sense. I like to think I will someday get the opportunity to really make a positive difference. Special interests: Economic inequality, Edtech, Environmental issues, Fintess and health, Art.

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Nygård, Julie Høie  -  MATCHED WITH CHUTE CORP.

Bachelor Political Science, University of Tromsø

I am 24 year old with a bachelor degree in political science and I have experience with working in and leading teams towards a common goal. I like to challenge myself, and I like to seek opportunities that are outside of my comfort zone. Through my studies I have gained good analytical skills and learned a lot about how organizations are built up. I have also learned a lot from working as a consultant at my local university where I got a lot of experience with organizing and leading bigger events. One of my strongest features is that I adapt easily to situations and I am a fast learner.  Special interests: The environmental sector, how to use new technology to help people make greener choices, through i.e. phone applications. The food sector, how to help people make better nutritional choices both for themselves and for the environment. 

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Ribe, Anna Cecilie -  MATCHED WITH COBALT

Master Finance, Bachelor Business Administration, Norwegian School of Economics

Ever since I was little, I have been curious to learn new things. A growing concern in today’s society is how to align profitability with sustainability. Being able to work towards achieving this is probably the main reason I am interested in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, I am motivated and goal oriented, which means that I always invest the necessary effort in order to achieve the desired results. Ideally I would be contributing with the financial aspects and/or business development given my background from NHH. However, I consider myself quite versatile with experience from consulting in London, as well as an exchange semester at Columbia University in New York. Other than that I am generally positive with a can-do attitude, which I believe is valuable in a team. Particularly interested in edtech, fintech and sustainable business model innovation.

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Master Industrial Management and Bachelor Mechancial Engineering, University of Stavanger

I am an enthusiastic 22-year-old male that is eager to learn and experience new things. I am very interested in technology and technical design and I have good experience with computer aided design and engineering. I see myself as a skilled public speaker and I believe that I can be a good resource for presenting new ideas or concepts.  Special interests: Technology, Technical design, Composite materials, Public relations, Production methods (3D-printing, Machining etc.).

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Solberg, Andreas Langørgen  -  MATCHED WITH AVA

Bachelor Business Administration, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I am always interested in achieving something and it is important for me to complete the tasks given to me. In many years, I have been competing in many different kinds of sports and I’m therefore very used to working in a team. I would say that I am competitive by nature and some would call me a perfectionist. All these abilities creates a hard working person who rarely gives up.  Special interests: Marketing and Communication.

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Master Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Society and Bachelor Organization and Leadership, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I am a positive, independent and engaged person, with a wide area of interests and experience. I am curious about the world; it`s history, development and challenges ahead. I would very much like to be apart of the development, and participate to a positive change. I work well in groups as well as on my own, and I like thinking creatively and can often question status quo. Talking in public is something I like, and I have both practical and theoretical skills. I can be focused on a task for a long time, but my curious nature has often led me in new directions and given me the ability to see things from different perspectives.  Special interests: Edtech, Environmental technology, Commercial services, Cultural/experience industries, Communication technology as well as Health and lifestyle technology.

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Trankalis, André Tvilde  -  MATCHED WITH CROWDBOTICS

MSc Business and Bachelor Business Administration, BI Norwegian Business School

With my many years of work experience in sales, I have become quite adept at working with and understanding what people want - through active listening and analyzing individuals. In addition, with my education within business and economics background, I have amassed knowledge and skills essential for understanding and helping the innovation and value creating process. My education has also greatly improved my analytical skills, and my ability to absorb new information and skills. This, along with how I am as a person and employee, motivated, social, hard working and earnest - makes me a person with skills and abilities that is applicable and value adding in many contexts.  Special interests: Technology related to the gaming and entertainment industry, Film industry, Edtech, AI and IoT, Food and health sector.

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Veisdal, Julian  -  MATCHED WITH BOOSTED

MSc and Bachelor Electrical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I am a fourth year EE graduate student from Norway. My areas of expertise are hardware and firmware development, including PCB design and layout, Bluetooth C/LE, and design for manufacturing. For the last three years I’ve been building wearables and biosensors at MOON Wearables, a company I cofounded. It’s my ambition in life to bring medical advances out of laboratories and into the hands of regular people!  Special interests: Consumer Electronics, Wearables and Electric Vehicles.

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MSc Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I’m an enthusiastic Master of Science student with a passion for how business and technology can change the world. I thrive in a high-paced and continuously changing environment and I see what needs to be done. I always look for the synergies that arise when people realize that they have a common goal. My motivation comes from knowing that my work can make a difference and my inter-human capabilities make me a valuable team player. I would love being part of a successful environment that also values the experience that can be gained from failure.  Special interests: Efficiency improvement in the public sector, Edtech, Technology and Business Digitalization, Lifestyle technology, Sustainable technology.

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Waagø-Hansen, Marthe Eline  -  MATCHED WITH NURX

MSc Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

My interest for entrepreneurship has always been present. I am currently studying industrial economics and technology management, with technology specialization in mechanical engineering. The reason for me taking this degree is that I have a profound interest in products and engineering design. I find it highly interesting to be able to make a difference through the products that I develop. Fueled through my travels around Asia and Africa, I’ve also gained a huge interest in creating products that have substantial value for various groups of people. I believe that people regard me as a highly driven person, who is energetic and positive who contribute with a creative vision and great team working skills.  Special interests: Product development, Food industry and Humanitarian work.

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