This is a sign-up sheet for startups in San Francisco interested in interns this Summer.  The online matchmaking between the students and the companies is in full swing, and about half of the students are already placed. 

F.inst. Edtech, BigData, Healthcare , Energy, Insurance, Consumer goods....
Contact person *
Contact person
Phone *
Business, engineering/programming, marketing, sales etc. Please elaborate
Please elaborate on at least 3 projects that you would like the students to complete/work on during the summer
Office space *
It is a requirement that the students has an office to go to
Transportation *
It is requred that the company pays for the student's local transportation so that he/she can get to and from work, school and home (f.inst. Clipper Card)
Mentorship and supervision *
UC Berkeley *

Kindly email your company logo in jpg-format to Lisbeth Smestad.  Thank you!