Class of 2017 - Graduation

Class of 2017 - Graduation

Here is a brief overview of the Summer:

  1. The program runs for 10 weeks from June 10 through August 16. The first week is a bit short due to mandatory registration etc. at UCB, so the students will be available at their internships on Wednesday and Thursday, June 12 and 13, during the first week.

  2. The students work 8 hour days (9-5) from Monday through Thursday

  3. The students have mandatory classes at UC Berkeley every Friday (entire day)

  4. No cost to the company other than paying for the students' local transportation (f.inst. Clipper Card, Uber, Lyft)

  5. The students are in the USA on J-1 Exchange Visitor Visas – Short Term Scholar arranged through UCB

  6. The students have full medical coverage

  7. Most of the students will stay at The International House (I-House) at U.C. Berkeley

  8. The matchmaking between the students (Password: Students) and the companies (Password: Companies) that have signed up, is in full swing. It is indicated on the student- and company websites if they they have matched up already.

  9. No obligations if you don’t find a match!

  10. When or if you find a match, offer the student the internship (email, voice etc.), and let Lisbeth Smestad know if they accept. Lisbeth will update the websites so that it is known that the student/company are matched. Nothing else for you to do (see item 1).

  11. Max. 2 students per company

  12. You can still sign up here

  13. Questions? Please contact Lisbeth Smestad

More quotes from our participating companies:

We had a wonderful experience with our intern this summer. Not only did he do a great and impactful job with his project, but we also really enjoyed sharing our insights into Silicon Valley (and Canadian) culture with him, while learning about the Norwegian culture.
Amazing group of talent looking to break into the entrepreneurial landscape with enthusiasm and effort.
First rate business talent with a passion for startups
I highly recommend the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship’s internship program.
At Crowdbotics, interns from the NSE have helped secure enterprise deals, built machine learning systems and managed long-term marketing campaigns. We love hosting interns from the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship.
Our intern from the Norwegian School of Entreprenuership did an excellent job. She outperformed our expectations, and we regret to see her go. We are not foreign to participate in the program going forward!
They also constantly showed initiative, asking how else they could help after finishing projects.

These companies have participated in the program in the past, and some more than once:

Cellmania, Rosum, MySQL, NeoGuide Systems, Oblix, XDx, Akimbo, Atrua, Nanosolar, Fast Search and Transfer, MailFrontier, Global IP System, Trolltech, Aicent, PeerMe, SearchForce, XenSource, Azureus, Danger, LimeLife, Kosmix,  AlwaysOn, doubleTwist, Dust Networks, Enact Global Consulting, Immi, Kyte, Neurofluidics, San Francisco Science, SuccessMetrics, Sungevity, Vuze, Widgetbox, Wikia, TrustedID, Trickplay, SilverTail Systems, RainStor, Mission Motor Company, MedHelp, LiveFyre, i/o Ventures, Health 2.0, Get Satisfaction, Keas, Aanukaa, Banpil Photonics, BTC Logic, Cenzic, Appcelerator, Creaza, doubleTwist, Intacct, iSentio, MobileTech, Prepay, pvXchange, Scatec, Agari, Appsperse, Boku, Capriza, EnerVault, FanKix, ForgeRock, Location Labs, NirandFar, Nomiku, Panafold, Vungle, WeVideo, Campanja, ClearCare, Empire Magnetics, Fastly, FounderSuite, Instore, August, Mobotap, Montaag, Prezi, ShopSync, Spigot, Talentsocket, wikiHow, YouNoodle, Angel List Syndicate, bSafe, Declara, Two Bright Lights, Vint, Wrapp, OpenROV, Samsung Accelerator, ShoppingPal, Synata, Avalon Battery Corporation, Better World Wireless, ChemiSense, Crowdcurity, Duetto, gThrive, Elliptic Labs, Habit DX, Kickpay, Listrunner, Marker, Mars Institute, Olset, Pantry Retail, Swift Navigation, Vivino, YAY Images, 6SensorLabs, Bento for business, Bloom Technologies. CareDnD, Cirrus Identity,, CRiskCo, Eureka King,,, Flowcast, Flypside, Gantri, GigSurf, Groove Labs, Grush Inc, Hacktivision,, HoloYummy, Lingoland, Litmus Automation, Metadata, Oomnitza Inc., PalleTech, Perch, Pomello, Preplay, QueueDr, Rallyware, Readwrite, Sentio Solutions Inc., ShareRoot, SHOPnCHEF, Staffjoy, Streethacker, Inc., Swift Navigation, volans-i, Wearable World Labs, Web Three, Arka, Ava, Boosted, Bouxtie Inc., Chute Corporation, Crowdbotics, FarmWise, Groove, Insikt, KiraKira, Megacool, Mozio, Nurx, Quiki Inc., SnapEDA, Wake and more……