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Sector: Tech
Contact: Bryton Shang, CEO
Location: 255 Kansas St, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94103

Aquabyte combines software from Silicon Valley with aquaculture experience from Norway to make aquaculture more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. We use machine learning and computer vision to make systems that gives fish farms faster access to more accurate information regarding the fish. We do this by automatically measuring biomass, salmon lice, and size deviation.

Looking for:
Business students: We wish to optimize our business model and build business processes that prepare our company for rapid growth. Students will experience to identify and answer critical strategic questions and working hand-to-hand with the entire organization and manage day-to-day operations. This will increase their scientific mindset to our processes, business model and cross functional communication and finding improvements for each.

Engineering/Programming students: We are searching for students wanting to learn and work with software and computer vision engineering (to work on product and algorithm development), because we build computer vision and machine learning algorithms to aquaculture fish farms - primarily focusing on salmon farms in Norway. Our system operates like an autonomous vehicle with underwater cameras. We work on stereoscopic 3D video, object detection and segmentation, classification, re-identification, and other problems in the underwater domain.

Student projects: 
1. Business: Help optimize our business plan, and build financial models to lay out a step-by-step plan by identifying and improving the target customer base, marketing strategy, competition and projections of revenues and expenses.
2. Machine learning / Computer Vision: Help build end-to-end stereoscopic video and object segmentation models and fine-tune to underwater training data.
3. Software: Help build application production pipelines + dashboarding from ingest to visualization

Sector: B2B, eCommerce, AR/VR, 3D Development

Contact: Phillip Akhzar, Founder & CEO
                                              Location: 1 Bluxome St. San Francisco, CA 94107

We're a packaging API. A platform for businesses to source packaging online. 

We are looking for the whole spectrum of students. Our Startup recruits engineers, sales, marketing, etc.  EVERYTHING outside of hardware.

Student projects:
3D Customizer
AR/VR Integration
Sales Campaigns

References: and (interns at Arka in 2017)


Company: Asaii (now Crowdbotics)
Sector: Music
Contact: Austin Chen, Co-founder, BizOps
Location: 2560 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

We're an A&R and Analytics Suite for the Music Industry

Looking for Business / Marketing / Music interests

Student projects:

  • Revenue Operations - Understanding how to fine tune the sales and marketing pipeline for music clients

  • Product Management - Understanding what clients need and prioritizing and developing music tools

  • Retention Strategy - Following up and developing processes to increase retention


Sector: Consumer Electronics
                                              Contact: Edward Abbati, COO
                                              Location: 657 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

August develops smarter home access products and services including the award-winning August Smart Lock.

Looking for Mechanical Engineering, Marketing, Accounting and Human Resources interns to work on these projects:

  • Mechanical Engineering - work on the development of new security lock and door bell camera

  • Marketing - work on various marketing campaigns and website development

  • Accounting - work on business model and forecast

  • Human Resources - work on integration of new employees HR systems, develop new on-boarding and off-boarding processes

Company website:
                                              Sector: Fintech
                                              Contact: Sean Anderson, COO and Founder
                                              Location: 221 Main Street, Suite 1325, San Francisco, CA 94105


For too long, small and medium-sized business owners, have received hand-me-down products from banks that are difficult to use, expensive, or don't quite meet their needs. Bento's mission is to change this status quo for these vital entities and save businesses time and money by building financial products with their specific needs in mind. Bento for Business simplifies company spending by providing employee corporate cards, real-time spending overview, automated expense reporting with receipt capture, and many more tools in one easy to use solution. Bento is the easiest way to plug cash leaks in a business and save hours of administrative time doing paperwork.

We are an 18-person company that's raised $9.5 Million, is growing rapidly, and will provide students a great glimpse into the inner-workings of an early stage startup. You'll get to interact with everyone on the team from customer support to engineering to marketing to the senior leadership and learn what it takes to create products that address real customer needs.

We're looking for students who are eager to contribute to our growing company and are serious about gaining meaningful startup experience. We have identified projects for various areas of the company, but are eager about finding the best fit with students who we think will get the most out of their experience and will help us in this crucial stage of our development.

Student projects:
Project 1: Engineering
This is a great opportunity to be a part of a world-class software engineering team. Throughout this project, you will experience the end-to-end agile product development lifecycle at a fast-growing startup. You will be responsible for building and launching a product feature from the ground up that our customers will love. Further, in this role you will gain exposure to a modern tech stack and collaborate with different functions including product, operations and marketing

Project 2: Product
Create a new product feature end-to-end from our product roadmap, including gathering requirements from internal stakeholders, soliciting customer feedback, etc. Efforts will include prototyping, wireframing, creating stories with the engineering & product team, testing, documenting the feature for support, creating customer communications about the new feature, and measuring the success/utilization of the feature after it goes live. You'll get the full experience of what it takes to deliver something that customers will use.

Project 3: Operations
Here's an opportunity to combine your analytical side with your creative side to help improve our customer experience. This data-driven project will have you looking at info about customers and their behavior from sign-up to happy customer. Identify gaps where the product and support processes are creating friction for getting customers up and running and create new, engaging support content to help better educate our customers through tutorial videos, static web content, etc.


Company: Bizinsure, LLC
Sector:  Insurance
Contact: Dina Kadunic
Location: 222 Broadway, Ste. 6, Oakland, CA 94607

Bizinsure is an insurance-based company that utilizes technology to provide simple, fast and affordable insurance solutions to small businesses across the United States. We simplify comparing and buying business insurance from leading insurers. Our technology reduces costs, increases transparency and decreases the hassle of getting insured. Our company and our experienced insurance agents are fiercely committed to the small business community. Our customers can get quotes, bind policies and access policy documents all via our website. For more information, please visit our website.

Looking for marketing interns. We are looking for someone who will work on improving our marketing strategy. More specifically, to improve the processes through which we drive qualified leads to our website, diversify our marketing efforts between SEO, SEM, offline marketing and social media campaigns. Our aim is to attract customers from specific professions and businesses in a scalable, but cost-efficient way. Campaign might include all channels, e.g. online paid, offline, partnerships, social, etc.

Student projects:
1. Help Bizinsure create and execute a marketing strategy that will successfully drive qualified leads to our website in a scalable and cost-effective way. This involves research and identification of specific targeted industry professions that are quotable, on platform and are within the Bizinsure product appetite. Our experience marketing team in Australia will be there to guide and provide resources, but the local team will drive strategy. This includes SEO and SEM analysis, ideation, iteration, measurement and potential adjustments to campaign. Emphasis on KPI's and tracking.

2. Design off-line marketing campaign focused around current affiliates who can serve as referral sources. Referral incentives and rewards for lead generation is a potential key aspect of this campaign. We are looking for someone who can work with the current team to create an effective campaign in this space. Additionally, identifying influencers who can service a catalyst for the referral system will be an essential component of this project.

3. Project will be focused on research that will allow for identifying market opportunity (i.e. market size, competition, target consumer behavior analysis), channels for effective marketing, and execution of campaign for marketing.

4. Creation of social media campaign that will focus on brand building, customer engagement and award campaigns through which customer can be featured and through which prizes are won. This campaign also aims to utilize social media and published blogs to improve SEO and company's position on google organic search.

Company: ChemiSense, Inc.
Sector:  Air Quality Monitoring/Smart Buildings/IoT. Minor focus on Automotive and Smart Cities
Contact: Brian Kim, CEO
Location: 130 Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley. MC 3220. Berkeley, CA 94720

ChemiSense has developed an air quality monitor that is able to detect all of the key pollutants of air quality present throughout the world today. The data collected by our devices are sent to the Cloud, where proprietary software and machine learning algorithms parse the data, and allow our device to provide an unprecedented degree of accuracy and range of detection for commercial and indoor building applications.  Our devices are able to detect PM1, PM2.5, PM10, NO2, CO, CO2, tVOCs, Formaldehyde, Humidity, and Temperature at or below levels set out by organizations such as OSHA and the EPA, and our primary focus is on the indoor air quality markets.

Our company has just found its first large scale customer (1000+ units), and we offer a (relatively) unique opportunity for students to work with a small scale very bootstrapped startup as it begins to scale its production lines, and as such there are many needs.  We are generally most in need of test engineers, programmers (C, application developers, front-end work), and people to help create marketing materials such as product videos, technical documents and case studies of our devices.


  • As mentioned above, our primary goal for any business/marketing oriented interns would be to create marketing materials such as product videos, technical documents and case studies of our devices that have been deployed in the field.

  • We are also looking for engineers to help on two fronts of our front-end experience: an application able to fully display device data from our web server and also connect our device to the internet, and also to help clean up the current website (separate from the website) that is used to display the data from our sensors.

  • We are finally looking for additional test engineers to help run continued longevity tests, data analytics and device validation tests. This would involve some work with compressed gasses, test ovens, and a good amount of data crunching.


Company:  Core Wellness
Sector: Consumer Electronics, Health and Wellness
Contact: Sarah McDevitt, CEO, Founder
Location: 724 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94013

We are a venture-backed startup in SF building the only completely personalized meditation experience that is tangible, practical, and designed for a modern aesthetic. Our product, Core, is a hand-held meditation device that gives unique haptic guidance and tracks medical-quality biofeedback. The app provides audio content for meditation along with a path of intelligent recommendations designed specifically for the individual based on biofeedback and usage. The app also provides access to live virtual meditation instructors and classes. This summer will be an exciting time to be a part of Core, as we will have already done a soft-launch, will be fundraising, and will be ramping up towards a Holiday 2018 public launch.

Looking for interns in these fields:
Business: Projects and research related to investor fundraising, competitive research, pricing analyses, cost forecasting
Marketing: Content strategy, content development and creation for web and social media, targeted email outreach
iOS Engineering: Feature development and testing

To help with these projects:
1. Business: Support the CEO during raising a round this summer with research and data analysis for pitches, slide decks and due diligence
2. Marketing: Develop and execute on a content creation strategy for a platform of student's choosing with specific follower/lead generation goals, working with CEO, Head of Brand and Marketing, and our marketing contractors
3. iOS: Take on a significant, complete feature in our app from start to finish, working directly with our Head of Product (an excellent iOS engineer), incorporating user feedback and releasing the feature

Sector: Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Contact: Anand Kulkarni, CEO
Location: 2560 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704


Crowdbotics is a Berkeley-based technology startup using machine learning to automate software development (AI for code).

Our annual summer intern program brings together PhD students in computer science and top business students from around the world to work on projects of interest. Interns work closely with our founding team in order to execute high-impact projects in marketing, sales, engineering and more together, measured by real impact on the company's sales and growth. You'll be learning from serial entrepreneurs who have raised millions in revenue and sold millions in product.

We're interested in machine learning interns, marketing/content interns, and a sales intern.

* Machine learning: natural-language program generation. Interns will have the opportunity to work directly on our core machine learning product, assisting the conversion of natural-language descriptions of product into working software. Experience with Tensorflow or any machine learning techniques is a plus, but not required.

* Marketing/content intern: work with our CEO, marketing team, and operations team to craft and publish compelling stories about artificial intelligence, our customers, our engineers, and our developers. Our prior work has been featured in FastCompany and CIO.

* New business modeling: which customers should we sell to, and how should we reach them? Previous interns have worked with Fortune500 clients and a variety of startups in Silicon Valley.

Reference: Frode Opdahl, Intern from Grunderskolen 2017


Sector:  B2b and consumer products and services, virtualized efucation
Contact: Esther Kestenbaum, CEO  
Location: 3548 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94118

We are a Norwegian owned company in SF supporting families with pregnancy and new babies both consumers and at workplaces

Looking for Marketing, sales, and operations interns

Student projects: 
- supporting b2b and b2c marketing with bundle of initiatives
- working with ops on operationalizing our new offerings
- supporting our hospitals project


Sector:  Automotive Tech
Contact: Rune Hauge, Head of Growth  
Location: 235 Pine Street, Ste. 850, San Francisco, CA 94104

Drive Motors has transformed automotive e-commerce, making the process of buying a car easier, faster, and more transparent. With Drive Motors' online checkout and showroom solutions, buyers can complete the entire order on the dealer's existing website. Dealers can increase gross profit per sale by $500-$700, automate their existing finance process, and set up in seconds. Drive Motors was founded in 2015 and is based in San Francisco.

Students with business or marketing background preferred, but not a must. We are looking for someone with exceptional problem solving skills, who are comfortable wearing multiple hats in a hybrid role. We are looking to take on two interns; one who will work across business functions in marketing and customer success, and whose primary focus will be business analytics (SQL knowledge is a plus for this role).

Student projects:

  • Customer Success: The focus of this project is to identify and execute on customer strategies for retention and renewals.

  • Marketing Analytics: This project will be heavily centered on demand generation optimization. By analyzing and interpreting marketing efforts, you will help optimize distribution strategies, pricing, conversion tactics, and content.

  • Content Strategy: Creating and the right type of content is key for our success with marketing, sales, and retention.

Entangled Velocity.png

Company:  Entangled Velocity  -  MATCHED WITH SOLVEIG BERSÅS
Sector: Edtech
Contact: Casey Boyles, Director of Growth
Location: 2 Shaw Alley, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

Entangled Velocity, part of the Entangled Group, helps early-stage education and learning technology companies catalyze growth and reach "escape velocity." We're "hands-on" builders, who understand how to scale sales & marketing and accelerate revenue growth. We've started and grown businesses from the ground-up to $75 million in revenue.

Looking for interns in these fields: Business, Marketing, Product, Sales

Student projects:
- Conducting Market Research/Total Addressable Market for an Ed Tech Client
- Building a financial model
- Developing an ideal customer profile, value proposition statement
- Building a multi-channel marketing campaign


Company:  Founders Network
Sector: Enterprise Software, Professional Networking
Contact: Briana Okyere, Director of Member Success
415 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 MAP

Founded in 2011, Founders Network ( offers peer mentorship to over 600 tech founders globally. We facilitate authentic experience sharing, warm introductions, and long-term professional relationships through our platform, programs and high touch service. Our founders have raised over $250M collectively and $1.1M on average. Our members have founded companies like IFTTT, eHarmony, Docker, BrightBytes,, uservoice, magisto, appthority, Le Tote, pogoseat, pley, and Over 50 top tier investors offer mentorship to founders as they navigate the fundraising landscape. Through our platform, we match founders to investors with a pitch to funding success ratio of 35:1. We accept full time tech founders by invitation only. Our approval process ensures members can trust the quality of advice received. We recognize that as a startup grows, the problems do not go away, they just change. To that end, Founders Network offers membership levels for founders at different stages in their startup journey.

Looking for business development, design, marketing, event management, social media management interns.

Student projects:
1) We host over 100 events a year and are looking to ramp up the marketing around those events. We're looking for a marketing wizard to develop a media campaign to grow our global presence through blog content, paid ads, and eventbrite promotion.
2) Design. We need a savvy student with design experience to improve our landing pages, decks, and marketing materials. This is a creative opportunity and a chance to build out your portfolio.
3) Social media. We need someone to develop a strong social media strategy utilizing buffer to build out our global presence in a lasting, smart way.

Sector: B2B
Contact: Ha Nguyen, Director of Marketing
Location: 333 Bryant Street, #230, San Francisco, CA 94107

We got our start in 2014 in San Francisco when three former Google employees set out to solve a problem. Even though they had ample resources at Google, they couldn’t find the right solutions that would allow the sales team do their best work. Reps had to balance personalizing communication with making a high quantity of outreach attempts — and all the data entry that goes with it. They knew there had to be a better way. With 15+ years of experience at Google, Chris, Alex, and Austin, our co-founders set out to bring the same spirit of innovation and user-focused technology to the world of sales.

We’re here to give sales teams the tools to focus on what they do best: Providing value to prospects and generating revenue for their company.

Our goal is to change the way salespeople work so they can be more productive and love their jobs. We power industry leading sales teams around the world, including Google, Prezi, Slack, HotSchedules, and hundreds more.

1. Who we’re looking for:
Creative, sharp and compassionate individuals ready to hit the ground running with an internship in the Marketing team. We are looking to grow our team and support outreach, public relations, and build social media communities/relationships.

2. We want to speak with you if you are:
Fun, tech, social media savvy, creative, full of ideas, and have a passion for the SaaS, tech, and marketing. We’d love it if you love writing. We want someone who is a go-getter, an efficient worker, a self starter who has a friendly attitude, a multi-tasker that prioritizes to meet deadlines.

3. Preferred Qualifications:
Experience and strong interest with Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ +)
Experience with Sprout Social or Hootsuite, or interest to learn about content scheduling platforms
Experience with WordPress or Squarespace, or interest to learn
Proficient in Google Applications
Self starter and ability to balance multiple priorities
Desire to attend events, conferences, and educational seminars outside of office hours to learn new marketing and PR tactics, strengthen skills and network with community members
Junior or Senior Year University level student studying public relations, marketing, communications or related field.
Or* Completed Bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing, communications, or related field

1. Content Marketing
Development and team collaboration of Editorial Calendars
Produce content throughout the stages of the marketing pipeline- Blog Posts, email, case studies, video scripts and other marketing materials
Ensure that campaigns, assets, communications and messaging are aligned to Groove’s brand guidelines and tone of voice
Research and create custom strategies for audiences using keywords and SEO planning

2. Social Media Marketing
Strong interest and passion for social media, analytics and online community platforms
Serve as a social media ambassador for the Groove brand
Familiarity with social media management tools
Enhance Groove’ brand by building a strong online community
Passion for creating and measuring social media promotions and contests
Ability to work independently and in a team environment

3. PR & Event Marketing
Strong interest and passion for PR and or event marketing. There will be opportunities to attend various events, learn about PR and event marketing.


Company: HoloBuilder, Inc.
3D TechnologyArchitectureArtificial IntelligenceAugmented RealityBuilding MaintenanceCivil EngineeringCommercial Real EstateConstructionEnterprise SoftwareIndustrial EngineeringProject ManagementSaaSSmart BuildingSoftware,Software EngineeringVirtual Reality
Contact: Lillian Lauer, People and Operations Manager
Location:  1355 Market Street, #488, San Francisco, CA 94103

HoloBuilder, Inc. is a San Francisco-based construction technology company that designs, develops, and sells enterprise SaaS software. HoloBuilder offers reality capturing solutions for progress documentation and construction project management. Making use of 360° imagery, computer vision, and AI, HoloBuilder is the fastest and most insightful solution to document construction projects. HoloBuilder’s customers include 40% of the Top 100 General Contractors in the United States. Its investors include Brick and Mortar Ventures and Tandem Capital.

  • We are lookimg for business, product, sales and marketing interns.

  • We are looking for Product designers and testers to help us with testing and concepts for the products, analyzing numeric data.

  • We would also like Content Marketing and Customer Success interns who have excellent written and spoken English to work with our Customer Success, Sales and Marketing team.


Sector: Consumer entertainment.
                                              Contact: Bob Huseby, VP Sales
                                              Location: 415 Jackson Street, #200, San Francisco, CA 94111

Imgur is the best place to share and enjoy the most awesome images on the Internet. Every day, millions of people use Imgur to be entertained and inspired by funny, heartwarming and helpful images and stories from all around the world.

Looking for marketing and digital media focused students

Student projects:
! - Research on consumer behavior for major advertising brands
2 - Competitive analysis on other digital entertainment websites
3 - Go to market plan for international expansion opportunities for Imgur

References, former students: 
Amina Resch,
Malin Brandtun,
Janicke Eckbo,
Chris Axelson,
Thilde Evensen,


Company: Intensivate
Sector: Server Based
                                              Contact: Shiraza Mohideen, Business Operations Manager
                                              Location: 2703 7th Street, Suite 250, Berkeley, CA 94710

We are a server startup for compute intensive workloads, that replaces 120 servers - cutting data center electricity costs by 96%, rack space by 97%, and purchase cost by 83%! We are also in the latest class of Alchemist, #1 accelerator for enterprise focused startups.

We are currently looking to expand our team and we are looking for undergrads in EECS, specifically ones who have taken a course on Chisel.
We are looking for students who are well versed in Chisel.


                                              Sector: Spare parts on demand for maritime, oil & gas and construction industries
                                              Contact: Espen Sivertsen, CEO
                                              Location: 1933 Davis St. Suite 296, San Leandro, CA 94577

 Ivaldi Group is developing the supply chain of the future by shipping files rather than parts around the world. Ivaldi does this by digitizing physical components using 3D scanners or design files; optimizing these 3D models for 3D printing; providing secure cloud storage, ordering and distribution; and sending orders to a certified micro-factory in port or on site for final part production using on demand production tools. Ivaldi Group is partnered with some of the largest companies in the Maritime, Oil & Gas and Construction industries, and is working with these and OEMs to radically disrupt and optimize the supply chain. Ivaldi Group is headquartered in San Leandro/CA and also has offices in Oslo/Norway, Guadalajara/Mexico, and Singapore.

As a startup Ivaldi Group has a wide range of internship opportunities. As a student you could either be supervised by our Biz Dev team (sales, marketing and analytics); our R&D team (engineering, programming); or the executive team (analytics, resource planning, & strategic market research).

All projects are somewhat dependent on availability/need at the start of the internship. However, there are always interesting things that need to be done. Examples include:

Biz Dev: Working with the team on establishing a global industry sales & marketing channel for Ivaldi Group in the maritime industry; writing up stories/participating in field work to document and communicate developments; interviewing key stakeholders and doing market research to identify best forms of communication/trust building; tracking and analyzing market reports, news etc and building stakeholder profiles and industry database; etc.

R&D: Developing robotic automation systems for pick & place and post processing of 3D printed parts; Embedding electronic sensors into 3D printed parts; Printing full assemblies and automating construction; Integrating software vision systems and photogrammetry with workflow; Explore new 3D modeling tools; New 3D printers; etc.

Exec: Working with CEO to assist in a variety of mapping exercises, e.g. compiling industry overviews of key people, equipment, etc; help work with CEO and team to plan specific events such as corporate off-sites or key stakeholder conferences; work on industry pitch and showcase for select investors; establish strategy documentation and roadmaps for specific areas based on interviews with key team and CEO.

Sector: Finance, Technology
                                              Contact: Sameer Halai, Chief Product Officer
                                              Location:  25 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94103

 Jirav is changing the way companies plan and track their financial performance.  It connects with all the cloud-based sources of truth for a business, and automatically creates a sophisticated financial model with forecasts. A very intuitive, yet powerful, interface helps companies change assumptions, validate different scenarios and understand the downstream effects of every decision.

Looking for Business/Finance, Marketing, Analytics interns.

1. Learn customers' Excel based financial models and help implement them on the Jirav platform
2. Create training and marketing materials for on-boarding new customers and
3. Analyze product usage data across Google Analytics, Heap, Intercom and help build reports and dashboards to understand our users better


Company: Lifeliqe
Sector: Edtech
Contact: Michael Carter, Strategic adviser, Curriculum desinger
Location: 1535 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Lifeliqe offers libraries of over 1,300 interactive 3D models and a complete suite of lesson plans to middle and high school teachers and students of science in the US and around the world. Our offering is available on Windows, Android and iOS tablets, in browsers, and in VR (Vive) and MR (HoloLens) and is linked with Unity through strategic partnerships with HTC, Microsoft, and Unity3D.

Lifeliqe is growing rapidly, so thorough research on product/market fit in the next obvious sectors -- pre-K through 5, online virtual schools, community colleges, as well as other LOB, such as continuing medical education via VR -- are opportunities that need to be researched and prioritized. We need folks who can do both a state-of-the-shelf and a landscape of what could be the next generation of product.

Student projects:
Governor Jerry Brown set aside over $100M for a new community college campus, an online campus. Should Lifeliqe tool up and rework its curricula for that channel?
Over and over school districts express desire for the compelling content to be focused on preK-5. Should Lifeliqe develop curricula for that market?
There is a growing opportunity to get the word out via professional development (teacher training). What are the trade-offs between revenue and exposure?
What is the most lucrative market in the near future for rich VR content?


Company: Kloudless, Inc.
Sector: SaaS / Enterprise Software
Contact: Timothy Liu, VP Engineering
Location: 2054 University Ave. Suite #200, Berkeley, CA 94704

We are a small, fun, fast-paced team based in Berkeley, CA. Our company has been funded by top investors like David Sacks (co-founder of PayPal and Yammer) and Tim Draper (investor in Box, Tesla, SpaceX).  Kloudless APIs and tools help businesses easily build integrations without having to deal with the headache of managing many individual APIs. Our technology is already being used by some of the largest software companies in the world. As an early hire, you have the opportunity and autonomy to make a huge impact.  Our team-wide activities include outings, lunches, and dinners.

We are looking for these kinds of interns:
Product Management
Software Engineering (Full-Stack, Front-End, Back-End, DevOps)

Student projects:

  • We can continue to improve our existing marketing pipeline including more automated metrics and analytics as well as brainstorming new market initiatives.

  • We have a sales process that can be improved from pre-sales, SDR, Sales Engineering, and even closing as an Account Executive. There is always room for students to gain experience.

  • We have various products on our platform that requires work from new UI Tools, to a new API platform, and even ops work for our enterprise customers with our docker container and virtual appliance.


Sector: Travel
Contact: Oliver Truong, Business Development Manager
Location: 615 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108

LoungeBuddy revolutionizes the airport experience by giving any traveler the ability to discover, book, and access premium airport lounges worldwide. Previously, lounge access was reserved only for elite frequent travelers. Now, with LoungeBuddy in hand, all travelers can instantly book guaranteed access to their very own airport oasis.

We're looking for a fast-learning and multi-skilled student who can help in a variety of areas, mostly in operations, business development, marketing, and research.

Student projects:

  • Improving business development and marketing strategy and operations

  • Supporting digital marketing initiatives

  • Conducting research to inform future product enhancements and features


Company: Maker Inc. 
Sector: Marketing Tech / Web publishing
Contact: Bhanu Sharma, CEO
Location: 315 Montgomery St., #1024, San Francisco, CA

Maker is the first creative platform that helps online retailers and brands enhance existing websites with compelling content, dramatically increasing engagement, conversion and revenue growth.  We’ve combined the best of design, web-publishing and analytics tools in a single platform that can enhance any existing site with 10x richer content with zero code, development cost or risk.  Marketers and designers use our software to create, source, publish & optimize interactive content for their product pages, landing pages, lookbooks, blog posts, user-generated stories and more.  Our customers include Sony, Diesel, Ghurka and many others. Checkout to discover stories behind 2000+ brands and their products.

We're looking for engineering, marketing an sales interns. Maker has just closed a seed round from some of the top investors in retail and ecommerce. We're coming out of stealth after 3 yrs of development with customers like Sony, Diesel, Ghurka and over 2000 other brands on our platform. 

Research and compile examples of the richest, most engaging shopping experiences brands offer today and work with the product team is ensuring Maker's platform is capable of building those without a line of code.
+ Help refine sales tools, processes and materials required by the sales team to sell Maker to some of the top brands in the world.
+ Understand and evaluate customer happiness and help design tools and process to reduce customer churn.


Sector: Mobile Marketing
Contact: Aurora Klæboe Berg, Co-founder & CEO
Location: 44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Megacool is founded by three Norwegians with roots from computer science and entrepreneurship at NTNU. We were part of the founding team behind Norway's largest mobile gaming success: Fun Run by Dirtybit (>100M downloads). In 2015 we stepped out of Dirtybit to pursue the challenge that all mobile developers experience: how to cost-effectively acquire new users to your mobile game. Megacool creates a software developer kit (SDK) that mobile app developers integrate into their app. Users are able to share engaging GIF replays of their experience in the game with their friends.

2018 is a very exciting year for Megacool: we are scaling up both our customer base and team, strengthening our brand within the mobile gaming space and positioning ourself for the next round of funding. Megacool is consists of a distributed team of 7 talented people located in San Francisco, USA (HQ) and Oslo, Norway. The majority of the team is of Norwegian nationality, however all written and oral communication is in English.

You can read about our culture here:

As you may be aware, the startup life is a roller coaster, and working with us for three months, you will get to experience that. Thus, we are looking for someone who is able to move quickly on little to no information and thrives under pressure. You should like to challenge yourself and view this as a great learning experience. The summer is still a few months away, but as it looks now, we're looking for someone that can help within a few of the following areas:
- customers success
- sales
- marketing, pr, SEO
- data analytics
- design, and much more.

We're a small team, so be prepared to directly contribute to the success of Megacool and making us the next Norwegian startup to create a global footprint!
You will be working alongside one of the founders at our San Francisco location, and truly get a feel for what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

The projects you will be working on will highly depend on your specific skill set and motivation. Given our own experience from attending Gründerskolen ourselves, we know the importance of defining a specific goal, and measure and iterate it along the way. The project will be focused one or more of the areas above and be decided together with you.


Company: Metadata Inc
Sector: A.I., Marketing Tech, SaaS, Big Data
Contact: Moran Altarac, Chief Operations Officer
Location: 880 Harrison St #303C, San Francisco, CA 94105

Metadata provides a closed-loop account based marketing solution that amplifies your marketing campaigns with opt-in qualified leads. Our patented technology pulls your historical sales data, enriches it, profiles your ideal customer (both company and persona) and finally orchestrates the process of accelerating existing opportunities & targeting net new accounts. Metadata clients include Cisco, Mulesoft, Payscale, Infoblox, Aerospike and many others.

Looking for engineering/developers, marketing and sales (development, data science, advertising operations) interns.

Sector: Design
Contact: Sam Bishop, Operations & Communications Lead
Location: 1818 Harmon Street, Suite 3, Berkeley, CA 94703

Montaag is a multidisciplinary Scandinavian-American design consultancy with offices in the USA (Berkeley) and Norway (Oslo and Stavanger).

At Montaag, our work is equal parts investigation, intuition, and improvisation. Our eclectic mix of designers and researchers create inspired solutions with an unorthodox bent. We believe when you understand something, you can design anything.We are looking for 2 students. The first intern position will focus on Industrial Design/Strategy, and the second intern position will focus on Business/Marketing Strategy.Our portfolio of projects is as dynamic as our ever-shifting roster of clients. Looking ahead, we project that this summer will provide opportunities to learn and contribute to a range of projects.

1. Industrial Design/Strategy Intern

Projects may include:
- Learn about, as well as design and develop the future of mobility for automotive and startup clients
- Contribute to the product development and testing cycle for a new electric vehicle

2. Business/Marketing/Strategy Intern

Projects may include:
- Expand the international marketing and sales strategy for the AnZa espresso machine, an original Montaag product
- Support the marketing and PR campaign strategy for a new autonomous mobility service in the city of Oslo
- Support the business model development for an on-demand delivery service

Company: Mozio Inc.
                                              Sector: Ground Transportation
                                              Contact: Belu Ravaza, Head of Operations
                                              Location: 44 Tehama Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

Founded in 2012, Mozio was born out of CEO David Litwak’s experiences traveling to over 60 countries and struggling to find the best local options for getting around.  A technology company at heart, Mozio is focused on helping connect customers, local companies, and global travel brands to turn what can be one of the most confusing parts of any trip – getting to and from the airport - into a delightful experience.  Whether by train, bus, shuttle, sedan, taxi, limo, water taxi, motorcycle or helicopter, travelers using Mozio’s technology can search for and book the right option for them.  Mozio’s technology solutions enable travel brands to drive customer loyalty and effectively monetize on the “last mile” of every trip.

We are looking for business interns and would like to find students that can take on some of the projects that the company wants to work on right now, on the business side.

Here are some of the projects you will be working on:
- Help with the company's Marketing strategy
- Social Media strategy
- Create/improve sales processes and procedures


Sector: Tech/Augmented Reality
Contact: Yennie Solheim Fuller, Civic & Social Impact
Location: One Ferry Building, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94111

Niantic Inc. creates technology and games that are focused on getting people outside and exploring. Our augmented reality technology is cutting edge and we use it to create our games and products - including Ingress and Pokémon GO. I specifically work on our social impact and community engagement work, so I'm in charge of finding ways for us to give back. I work with non profits, government agencies, and other organizations to create programs, events, and initiatives that create positive impact for local and global communities. We're involved in topics including education for children, exercise, history learning, public art, womens/girls initiatives, and climate programs.

Business, marketing, communications:
- Anyone who is passionate about social impact work and finding ways to use existing technology to give back
- Planning for National Park Foundation events: these are big events that will require working with a government agency, long lead planning, and creativity with various event plans
- Africa libraries project: use Ingress game to map all of the libraries in Africa
- Company blog posts/thought leadership: we're looking to use our company blog to highlight our community work and we will be building out a plan, strategy, and execution of these throughout the summer
- Planning for water/climate based non profit events


Company: Naiss
Company website:
Sector: Advisory, Venture Capital, Machine Learning & AI
Contact: Ed Fernandez, Partner
Location: No office yet, but we will have an office in San Francisco before the student arrives

We do: Venture Capital, Research & Analysis, Advisory, Strategic Consulting, Machine Learning and AI.

We are looking for interns in these fields: Data Scientists, engineers, MBA - corporate business development, market research experts

Student projects:

  • Research and Analysis : machine learning automation

  • Multichannel Marketing Attribution: applied machine learning

  • MooC creation: ML and AI - innovation


Company: PenguinSmart 2019
Company website:
Sector: Healthcare Technology
Contact: Jennifer Brown, Project Manager
Location: SkyDeck Building, 2150 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA

PenguinSmart is enabling intelligent, individualized rehab therapy for all. Founded by Harvard & MIT alumni, our team combines the latest data sciences with expert insights to empower caregivers to become a key part of the rehab journey. We are first remotely serving families with speech and language-delayed children in China while developing a global solution, as this is a universal issue that impacts 1 in 7 children. Our solutions not only increase the efficacy of rehab therapy, but they also allow therapists to oversee 8x as many patients while providing long-term care. PenguinSmart is an Alchemist Accelerator-backed company and was named one of the Top 10 Disruptive Parenting Companies of 2017 by Disruptor Daily. Websites: (English); (Chinese)

We are in the process of adapting our platform for English-speaking users, after success with Chinese-speaking users in China and Taiwan. One important piece of this process will be piloting the service with English-speaking users both here in the US & abroad, and collecting data on their outcomes. We plan to work with a range of partners, including schools, speech therapists, hospitals, after-school programs, companies that want to provide the service as an employee benefit, etc.

We would be open to accepting students
- with a business background who want to work on partnerships & business development,
- who have a background in healthcare and/or an interest in healthcare technology, or
- who have an interest in technology, social impact, & international development.
We may also be open to students with a background in software development who want to help us as we continue to build and adapt our online services for an English-speaking market.

Potential projects could include:
1. Business development & partnership development with hospitals / schools / speech therapists / SF Bay Area companies / insurance companies, to help determine which channels might be most effective for PenguinSmart (both in terms of increasing number of users on the platform, and determining which channels will generate the most revenue)
2. Data Analysis of outcomes for English-speaking users of PenguinSmart's services, especially as we prepare to share some of our findings at the annual global conference of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP) in Taiwan in August 2019
3. Working with PenguinSmart users to collect feedback and help continually improve the service


Company website:
Sector: Edtech
Contact: Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, CEO
Location: 415 Jackson St. Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94111  

Product School is the world’s first tech business school. We offer certified Product Management, Coding, and Data courses; our instructors are real-world product managers working at top tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix.  Our classes are part-time, designed to fit into your work schedule, and the campuses are located in 14 cities worldwide, including Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles and London.

We are looking for these kinds of interns:
1- Sales
2- Customer operations

Student projects:
- Responsibilities for the sales internship opportunity:
1- Be a key spokesperson for Product School at various conferences
2- Communicate constantly with prospects via phone & email (80% of the time)
3- Achieve and consistently exceed an aggressive quarterly sales goals

- Responsibilities for the customer operations opportunity:
1- Communicate constantly with students and instructors via phone & email (80% of the time)
2- Gather feedback from students and instructors in order to improve their experience
3- Improve and automate internal processes to increase business efficiency

For the customer support role:
Communicate constantly with students and instructors via phone & email (80% of the time)
Gather feedback from students and instructors in order to improve their experience
Improve and automate internal processes to increase business efficiency


Company: RageOn
Sector: Marketplace, Ecommerce, Consumer Tech, Blockchain, Fashion
Contact: Michael Krilivsky, CEO & Founder
Location: 2002 3rd Street, #208, San Francisco, CA 94107  

We live to empower the creators of the world with the best custom marketplace!

KISS, Lisa Frank, Shaq, Hello Kitty, and 600,000 more artists, musicians, celebs, influencers and athletes have created stores and use RageOn to design and sell products at scale with just a few clicks.  We've raised millions of dollars, have the original creators of Amazon and Walmart Labs as our venture capitalists, and Ryan Schinman, CEO Platinum Rye, “world’s largest broker of celebrity talent, recording artists, sports figures,” Forbes, is also an Investor & Advisor.  Blockchain ICO is in near future!

We're open to students with Business, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Blockchain (big blockchain play we are building now) and Admin experience.  We have 4 areas in which could be exciting for the students:

Business Development & Sales - we work with KISS, Lisa Frank, Shaq, Hello Kitty, and 600,000 more artists, musicians, celebs, influencers and athletes - and we'd like to get your students involved with some of the largest names in the world. This will also include building sales funnels, using CRM to keep track of communications, and potentially face to face meetings with some of the best!

Marketing - Imagine being able to market some of the biggest brands in the world, some of the hottest trends, and luring in creators and potential sellers with advanced sales funnels?

Engineering / Blockchain - We have a Patent Pending for the best custom creation technology in almost every major country and we plenty of projects that are Blockchain and non-blockchain related that we can pair a student up with. UX/UI, frontend, QA are just a few sectors that are avail.

Admin - Potentially work hand and hand with our EA and CEO to further refine systems to become more efficient to lead the company to success faster!


Sector: Artificial Intelligence
Contact:  Natalie Abeysena, CEO
Location: 948 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133  


We analyze customer conversations using natural language processing to help product and operation teams make better decisions. We integrate with different sources of customer feedback (support conversations, public reviews, social media, etc.) and display user trends through our dashboard.Engineering/programming - Looking for full-stack developers proficient in Ruby and/or Python. Experience with text extraction or NLP/ML models is ideal.

UX Research/Designer/Front-End - Looking for front-end developer with interests in UX research/design. Ideally has experience with Sketch and visualization libraries.UX Design for Dashboard:
-We are redesigning our current dashboard to improve how customers can access the insights that our NLP algorithms produce. The project will involve interacting with customers to understand how they are interested in segmenting their data and using sketch to develop prototypes. Depending on interests, this project could also include an opportunity to develop these designs.

UX Research:
-We are constantly translating user feedback into improving our algorithms and how we extract insights from text. This project will involve interacting with customers to understand how they evaluate the quality of insights and translating user expectations into potential product improvements. This project will provide an opportunity to work closely with business development and product.

NLP Algorithm Improvement:
-We are establishing metrics to gauge how accurately we extract text/insights from unstructured customer conversations. The project will involve working with the CTO to create benchmarks for current accuracy and then running experiments to improve the accuracy. These experiments will be coded in Python.


Company: Strypes Co.
                                              Sector: Retail SaaS/3D Graphics
                                              Contact: Alexa Fleischman, CEO
                                              Location: WeWork, 1111 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607

Strypes is an enterprise platform that makes it simple to create interactive 3D content for websites and apps. This allows new industries to leverage technology traditionally siloed in gaming. Today, Strypes is empowering marketing teams to create interactive product visuals for e-commerce sites and in-store touch screens. Marquee clients include Coach Inc. and Roots Canada, and early customer data proves that bringing the interactive and additive qualities of gaming to product visuals increases customer spend on average over 20%.

We are looking for engineering students that ideally have experience with C# and have had previous exposure to gaming, AR/VR or other 3D technologies.We will do our best to find projects that can be completed during the 10 week period.

Projects will most likely be in one of these three areas. However, we have flexibility in the area of focus and would like to work with the intern after he or she learns more about our technology to find a project that he or she is excited about.

1. New feature: We will find a new feature on our roadmap for Strypes's 3D platform, we believe can be completed in 10 weeks. This will require an understanding of 3D engines and experience with C#.
2. Dev Ops: Help develop internal tools that help automate manipulating and touching up 3D models and 3D scans.
3. Performance: Help improving in-browser performance.This will require experience with WebGL.


Sector: Technology, Sustainability, Conservation, Ocean, Accelerator, Incubator
Contact: Craig Dudenhoeffer, Head of Ocean Solutions Accelerator & Corporate Partnerships
Location:  1355 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

The Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) is a global organization that advances the impact of start-ups, social enterprises and youth-centered initiatives that are developing solutions to protect and sustain our ocean. SOA’s pipeline of ocean leaders, ages 16-35, is cultivated through a chapter-based model, led by students at the high school and college levels, as well as by young professionals.

The Ocean Solutions Accelerator is a startup development and executive leadership course for ocean entrepreneurs. Strengthened by a global community of experts, the accelerator program empowers entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses within the ocean economy. Our program provides early-stage companies with initial funding and opportunities to engage with mentors, partners, and investors that are committed to transforming innovative ocean solutions into scalable businesses.

We would be looking for students to support the operations of our accelerator during planning and execution of our 8-week intensive startup program. We would also be interested in having additional students to help with Marketing and Social Media during this time.

Student projects:
- Accelerator Program Operational Support for SOA
- Marketing + Social Media Support for SOA
- Research and startup recruitment


Company: Tarsier Technologies, Inc.   MATCHED WITH WILDE THYHOLT
Sector: Security, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Defense
Contact: Kyle Meloney, CEO/Co-founder
Location:  1 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

We use artificial intelligence to solve the airspace security problem, particularly as it relates to drone defense.

Looking for sales, business, engineering interns:

Sales: we have a sales process that needs to be refined and systematized. The sales intern would help build the "sales playbook" that all future sales representatives at the company would use. This intern would also help with outreach to new customers.

Business: we plan to fundraise during the summer. The business intern would help with this process. The intern would develop analyses such as market sizing and competitive landscape amongst others to support the fundraising process. The business intern would also help with pricing analyses and sales outreach.

Engineering: we work with large datasets and could use engineering students to help us manage this dataset. They would be tasked with creating new data, managing and organizing existing data, writing scripts for the data and more. By the end of the summer, the intern would have helped us optimize our data pipeline and gained exposure to the engineering tasks required at an AI company.


Company: The GUILD Inc.
Sector: Online Platform
Contact: Anne Cocquyt, Founder/CEO
Location: 1355 Market Street, #488, San Francisco, CA 94103

We're building a global marketplace for people to connect 1:1 for professional networking purposes powered by the latest technology. In ten years from now the GUILD will connect 3.5B women worldwide to reach their full potential.

Looking for marketing, event planning, and PR interns.

Student projects:

  • Event Management: Work with Community Director to organize and promote outreach of events, fundraisers and community building socials. Ideal for someone who is highly organized, outgoing, flexible and interested in gaining experience in event management and planning.
    A sense of humor, wit, and upbeat personality are a must!

  • Event management SERENDIPITY: Help us make our second conference for women a success. Help plan catering, find food sponsors and design swag for attendees.

  • Social Media: Assist in writing and editing social media posts, blog posts, and email blasts. Designing flyers, graphics, and other marketing material for events and our online presence. Assist in planning community and fundraising events
    Reach out to organizations and general public
    Collaborating with team on new ideas, directions, and venues for marketing


Company: Trove
Sector: Consumer
Contact: Rhett Angold, Head of Operations
Location: 300 Brannan Street, Suite 608, San Francisco, CA 94107

Trove is a marketplace storage company that provides full-service storage (physical goods) to consumers. We have two sides to our marketplace: demand side is consumers seeking full-service storage (pickup, storage, return) and supply side is our network of moving & storage companies that provide the actual physical service using Trove's proprietary technology. Many consumers are going to very tough transitions/events in life (death in family, divorce) or delightful events (new baby, relocating) and need help with this large endeavor. Enter Trove, that brings superb customer service, technology, and value to an industry that has not been changed in decades.

We have two key parts of our business: operations and engineering.

We are looking for hungry/eager business, sales, and operator individuals to join our operations team, especially as summer is the peak season for our industry. We need "athletes" that can wear multiple hats and jump into ambiguous situations.
1/ Create a network of logistics to move items between all of our partners' locations around the bay area
2/ Drive a full-scale demand acquisition strategy to unlock a new channel of storage customers outside of traditional SEM marketing (e.g. affiliate marketing)
3/ Launch a partnership with a self-storage operator to create value for both parties that we can scale to other self-storage operators
4/ Create a retention dashboard to predict upcoming customer churn (i.e. moving out of storage) and proactively test initiatives to gauge our retention abilities
5/ Work with engineering to scale our operational tasks that our the life blood of our business (dispatching, training, partner onboarding)

Upfizz main-logo.png

Sector: Content Marketing/Media
                                              Contact: Adams, CEO and Founder
                                              Location: 1355 Market St. #900, San Francisco, CA 94103 MAP

UPFIZZ Media is a publisher network like Buzzfeed that sells advertising space on the Internet, with a focus on pushing marketing and publishing performance using technology. We currently own 20 sites across the web with written content everywhere from parenting, travel and cars to mainstream entertainment. Over the last year, our media holdings have collectively reached over 90 million visitors.

We are a notch above the rest of the players for one simple reason: we have developed proprietary technology that allows us to earn high, positive ROI - and we've been doing it since day one. Our clients use our technology to leverage the value of their data and drive real world bottomline increases. We have shown strong and consistent growth with no intentions of slowing down. 

Our CEO is a world class marketer who has started many companies and launched 4 successful best selling books. In addition, he did a B2B software launch that earned 3 million in the first two weeks, had multiple apps in the Itunes Top 10, and created a TV show that had 2.6 million viewers in its finale. Our COO comes from working with Google and Square, and lead some of the biggest deals at Square before leaving to work with Upfizz.  We are a team of performers focused on solving interesting problems not many people have tackled before. An example of one of our exciting projects is a custom CMS built for scale that auto split tests modular functions on the page. It is a content platform, adserver, and marketing tool all in one, that can dynamically change based on all the data we are collecting.  Our office is on the 4th floor of the Twitter Bldg, where we regularly host events and meetups on Bitcoin, Neuroscience, Evolution, Networking and many other areas. We’ve got room for fun with foosball, ping pong tournaments, game night with beer and pizza every Thursday, and poker night once a month. We have fun but at our core we are hackers, nerds and data lovers who move fast and aim to perform.

We’re looking for students with enthusiasm who are looking to get their foot in the door with new media. This is a great opportunity to gain network exposure and potentially securing a job with our company. We're in the business of buying traffic to potentially viral content and we also monetize off of our own websites to sustain the business. In the past, we’ve had interns gaining experience in areas like content creation, management, data analysis, business intelligence, marketing, advertising, media buying, social media virality and many other interesting subjects. We’ve had very successful past internship programs, and you can see the great feedback from them on our glass door profile here:


1. Media buying - Learn media buying the art of using budget (aka money) to get millions of people to see your content. Do things like learn google analytics and Facebook business to create interesting ads or content ideas

2. Data Analytics - Learn internal analytical tooling related to Facebook, Yahoo, and Google to make decisions based on data.

3. Development and Operations - help automate interesting media processes using tools like phantom js, and selenium. Also potential to learn angular js for creating dashboards and ui

4. Learning all the inner workings of being a CEO - help handle day to day operations, you will learn recruiting and hiring new people, managing bookkeeping and accounting relationships, time and task management, organization of documents, process creation. We are expanding as a company, and this will be a great experience to see a startup begin to scale.

Sector: Logistics, Transportation, Drones
Contact: Hannan Parvizian, CEO
Location: 25 Taylor St. San Francisco, CA 94102

volans-i builds and operates unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones” or “UAV”) for transporting cargo and parts for its customers. We have conducted the longest and most complex delivery missions around the world.

We’re a frontier tech company combing the best of drone technology, IoT and AI.

This is a super exciting opportunity for anyone interested in working at the forefront of the transportation technology market and forever changing the future of transportation and logistics.

We’re looking for support with our Marketing, Sales and Business Development efforts.
- market analysis and research
- marketing strategy
- sales strategy and pricing
- outbound sales
- sales pipeline management
- customer success management

Student projects:
1. Marketing: conduct market research and analysis to identify opportunities within various geographies and market segments. Furthermore, you should devise a marketing plan, identifying channels and means for reaching out to potential customers.
2. Sales Strategy: research and analyze various sales models, identify revenue streams and create sales and marketing related content.
3. Pricing Strategy: explore and study various pricing models. Identify benefits of each. Model sales based on each pricing scheme.


Sector: Human Resources
Contact: William Hsu, Partner
Location: 19 Tehama, Suite 4, San Francisco, CA 94105

WomenHack empowers women in tech by allowing them to rate and review companies from women's perspective. This allows full transparency within the tech industry and allows women to search for jobs with female-friendly workplaces. WomenHack also operates over 75+ recruiting events a year in 25+ cities.

WomenHack is part of parent company HackerX.

Looking for sales, marketing, or business interns to work in these projects:
- User acquisition and marketing, and growth hacking
- Operations and event logistics
- B2B sales and sponsorships with tech companies