Company: Arka
Sector: Packaging, Software, Enterprise Marketplace
Contact: Phillip Akhzar, Founder & CEO | phil@arka.io 
                                              Location: 1 Bluxome St. San Francisco, CA 94107 MAP

All of our software is developed in house.  Our 3D packaging customizer allows any company to source any type of branded packaging online.
Our software does the following in real-time:
- Automatically proofs orders
- Converts them to design files
- Reads manufacturing specifications
- Instantly calculates pricing based on location, proprietary manufacturer data and order details

This is a process that usually takes months.  We work with over 400 manufactures in the US (and 12+ abroad). Orders are dispatched to the most optimal manufacturer, depending on their capabilities, bandwidth, pricing and turnaround time.  We collect data on every manufacturer, and are able to bring more liquidity to the traditionally relationship-based package manufacturing market.

We are looking for all kinds of students that can work on these kind of projects:

  • Ecommerce Integration (Etsy, Shopify, IndieGogo, Kickstarter)
  • Marketing/Sales Campaigns
  • Developer Projects

Company: Ava
Sector: AI, Accessibility, Mobile
Contact: Thibault Duchemin, CEO | thibault@ava.me  |  (415) 867-7230
                                              Location: 60 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 MAP

Group conversations are a daily struggle for 400 million people suffering from disabling hearing loss, which excludes them from many professional and social interactions.  Ava is the easiest way for them to be included in the conversation.

Like a Siri for group conversations, the mobile app empowers individuals to see who says what around them, in less than a second. Our system swiftly pairs smartphones in a room, and processes the conversation to show you a real time, color-coded transcript of the discussion. At business meetings, family dinners, social gatherings, you launch the app, and Ava does the rest.

Ava is transforming communications for the deaf/hard-of-hearing people by bridging communication gaps with a 24/7 personal, lightning fast, and affordable captioning experience. Download Ava here: https://ava.app.link/3oDmeonZ0x

Looking for these kind of students.

  • Engineering/programming
  • Analytical business
  • Marketing

To work on these projects:

Project #1: Coordinate Ava Accessibility for the Deaf-blind.
Mission: Ava is accessible to deaf/hard-of-hearing people. A segment of this population is actually Deafblind. We want to help Deafblind people having equal access to information.
Skills: Engineering (preferred), User research (preferred),

Project #2: Coordinate International Roll-out of Ava (including Norway!)
Mission: Ava is working in the US, but millions of deaf & hard-of-hearing people could benefit from using Ava, provided a few steps are in place. Help Ava become a global movement.
Skills: Marketing, Community building, engineering

Project #3: Build a content strategy & accessibility thought leadership for Ava
Mission: Ava's end mission is total accessibility. This is a bold vision, and there's a lot of pieces involved. Your mission will be to coordinate and strategize the foundation of a new kind of social movement, tech-powered to lead more people to be aware of what Ava stands for.
Skills: Business, Engineering, Social/Media, Analysis, Growth HackingThibault DucheminCEOthibault@ava.me(415) 867-723060 Spear Street,
San Francisco, CA 94105

Company: Bento for Business
Sector: Fintech
                                              Contact: Sean Anderson, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer | sean@bentoforbusiness.com  |  (415) 633-6945
                                              Location: 300 Beale St., Suite D, San Francisco CA 94105 MAP

For too long, small and medium-sized business owners, have received hand-me-down products from banks that are difficult to use, expensive, or don't quite meet their needs. Bento's mission is to change this status quo for these vital entities and save businesses time and money by building financial products with their specific needs in mind.  Bento for Business simplifies company spending by providing employee corporate cards, real-time spending overview, automated expense reporting with receipt capture, and many more tools in one easy to use solution. Bento is the easiest way to plug cash leaks in a business and save hours of administrative time doing paperwork.

We are a 15-person company that’s raised $9.5 Million, is growing rapidly, and will provide students a great glimpse into the inner-workings of an early stage startup. You’ll get to interact with everyone on the team from customer support to engineering to marketing to the senior leadership and learn what it takes to create products that address real customer needs.

We’re looking for students who are eager to contribute to our growing company and are serious about gaining meaningful startup experience. We have identified projects for various areas of the company, but are eager about finding the best fit with students who we think will get the most out of their experience and will help us in this crucial stage of our development.

Student projects:
Project 1: Operations
Here’s an opportunity to combine your analytical side with your creative side to help improve our customer experience. This data-driven project will have you looking at info about customers and their behavior from sign-up to happy customer. Identify gaps where the product and support processes are creating friction for getting customers up and running and create new, engaging support content to help better educate our customers through tutorial videos, static web content, etc.

Project 2: Product
Create a new product feature end-to-end from our product roadmap, including gathering requirements from internal stakeholders, soliciting customer feedback, etc. Efforts will include prototyping, wireframing, creating stories with the engineering & product team, testing, documenting the feature for support, creating customer communications about the new feature, and measuring the success/utilization of the feature after it goes live. You’ll get the full experience of what it takes to deliver something that customers will use.

Project 3: Engineering
Description TBD

Project 4: Marketing
Description TBD

Project 5: Chief of Staff to the CEO

Company: Bouxtie Inc.
Sector: FinTech | Employee Rewards & Recognition | Digital Payments
Contact: Jenny Jeansonne, VP, Cporporate Development | jenny@bouxtie.com |  +1 (415) 606-1853
                                              Location: 44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 MAP

Bouxtie Inc. is a FinTech Solutions Company for the Digital Prepaid Industry. Our current focus is building the world's largest digital gift card catalog.
We have a B2C Platform, Bouxtie (www.bouxtie.com) and a B2B/B2E Platform, FlexAwards (www.flexawards.com).
We have had recent press in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and was named Top 50 Startup at StartUp Grind 2017.
We also have been featured at Money2020 and ShopTalk.

We are looking for interns skilled in:
- Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Blogging
- Business Development, Sales, Account Management
- Marketing Analytics - building out reports for internal use
- Graphic Design, Presentations, Video Composition
- Website Management (Wordpress / SquareSpace)

Student projects:
Project 1: Marketing, Branding, Content Creation, Growth Hacking for FlexAwards
Project 2: Build out Marketing Analytics / Reporting for Bouxtie Inc
Project 3: Business Development / Sales for FlexAwards

Company: ChemiSense, Inc.
Sector:  Air Qualiy Monitoring, IoT, Smart Devices
Contact: Brian Kim, CEO |  bkim@chemisense.co |  +1 (818) 419-7428
Location: 130 Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley. MC 3220. Berkeley, CA 94720 MAP


We have developed an air quality monitor that is able to detect the key components of air quality, ranging from CO to PM 2.5 to a range of VOCs. This system can then be used to either simply inform the end user about the air quality in the area around the sensor, or be used to actively control ventilation or purification systems on a demand-controlled basis. This is especially important given the state of air in countries such as China, and India, but also in commercial buildings even in "clean" countries such as the USA.

Looking for students in Engineering/Programming: We need any and all of the following: Chemists/Chemical Engineers, Mechanical engineers, embedded system programmers, application developers, networking engineers (Wifi/Bluetooth), and others as well.

Marketing/Sales: Customer development and development.

Student projects:
Our company is currently looking at adding on CO2, bluetooth and PM 1 capabilities onto our board. This will require a combination of embedded systems work to program the microcontroller, testing to ensure that the CO2 and PM sensors work appropriately when put on our systems, changes to our board's casing and other similar and related tasks.

We are also looking to finalize the mass production of our device by the end of fall of this coming year. As such, we will need to aggressively begin looking for pilot projects and testing runs, and a prospective sales/BD person would be great to add to our team as well.

We have previously had other members of this program at our company before, and we hope to have one or more of you here with us as well!

Company: Chute Corporation
Sector:  Software Technology
Contact: Ali Lehner, Operations Manager |  ali.lehner@getchute.com |  +1 (415) 212-8759
Location: 480 2nd Street, Ste 302, San Francisco, CA 94107 MAP


We help brands (mostly in travel, but in several other verticals as well) tell better stories. We do that by helping brands search and discover user generated content (including with our computer vision feature, IRIS), curate it, manage digital rights and consent, and ultimately publish the content on their websites, social channels, ads, etc.

We are looking for Sales, Marketing and Engineering interns to work on these projects:

Events Marketing Intern:
o   Create & maintain calendar of travel events
o   Organize budget requirements for each
o   Coordinate who attends from Chute
o   Manage all logistics with event coordinators
o   Mail supplies to booth
o   Prep Chute staffers
o   Maintain conference list (primarily related to travel)
o   Submit speaking abstracts to key conferences

Social Media Marketing Intern:
o   Weekly Trends Report blog posts
o   Post news, webinar posts, etc.
Vertical Reports
o   Pull data and write analysis for monthly vertical reports (travel, fashion, beauty)
Social posting
o   LinkedIn -Posts about content, webinars, brand trends report, etc.; Share interesting articles
o   Facebook - Posts about content, webinars, brand trends report, etc.
o   Twitter - Posts about content, webinars, brand trends report, etc.; Comment on other posts, share articles, etc.
o   Instagram - Posts about content, webinars, brand trends report, etc.
Case studies
o   Conduct and write 1-2 customer case studies per month

Social Media Moderation
• Provide image/video asset review services using Chute or another defined platform
• Move image assets into the defined albums or categories based on campaign requirements
• Performing rights requests, and/or product tagging assets using the Chute platform
• Research required information using available resources
• Review and moderate all user-generated content and user profiles (either pre-, post- or reactive moderation) within client Chute campaigns, UGC gallery displays, etc.
• Manage the banned user process, and track and remove, or filter out previously banned users
• Regularly provide feedback of the insights gained from moderation to the Success/Studio team
• Monitor all company information and news to anticipate potential issues
• Identify and escalate priority issues with the proper information and detail
• Achieve agreed upon targets and outcomes within hourly/daily schedule
• Continuously improve through feedback

Engineering and Sales Projects available closer to date.

Company:  Cobalt Labs Inc.
Sector: Crowdsourced security testing
Contact: Jacob Hansen, CEO | jacob@cobalt.io  |  +1 (415) 988-3043
Location: 2403 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103  MAP

Cobalt.io is an Uber for hackers :)  We help companies do security testing of their applications (web, mobile, api) by connecting them with our freelance security testers (hackers).  It's fun!

We are looking for students in these fields:  Business  - Marketing - Engineering - Sales - Design - HR

And these are some of the projects you will be working on:

  • Business => Assist on fundraising
  • Marketing => Online Marketing and event creation
  • Engineering => Develop on our front-end RoR application
  • Sales => prospect leads and setup meetings. Negotiate and close clients.
  • Design => Graphic design and content.
  • HR => Source candidates, Screen and interview.

Company:  Crowdbotics
Sector: Artificial intelligence & software
Contact: Anand Kulkarni, CEO | anand@crowdbotics.com  |  +1 (510) 730-1729
Location: 2560 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 MAP


Crowdbotics is a Berkeley-based technology startup combining machine learning and human computation to accelerate the process of software development. We deploy a virtual software engineering agent into customers to automatically develop code, using machine learning techniques to augment the performance of a team of virtual software engineers with a code recommendation library. Behind the scenes, a combination of machine learning techniques and algorithmically-verified software engineers work together to produce effective and reliable code at high speed.

Our annual summer intern program brings together masters and PhD students in computer science and top business & marketing students from around the world to work on projects of interest. Interns work closely with our founding team in order to execute high-impact projects in marketing, sales, engineering and more together, measured by real impact on the company's sales and growth. You'll be working directly under serial entrepreneurs who have raised millions in revenue and sold millions in product.

We're interested in both *business/sales/marketing* students and *computer science/engineering/machine learning* students. We'll come up with a custom-tailored joint summer project depending on your skills. See below for project ideas and focus areas for marketing students, business/sales students, and computer science students.

Student projects:
1. Computer Science Internship: Natural language interview automation
How do we automate a technical interview over chat? Crowdbotics conducts interviews with dozens of software developers each month from developing communities to identify individuals who have the capacity and talent for effective online work. In this project, we'll build a chat agent that can intelligently maintain a conversation with a software engineering candidate, ask technical questions and ultimately predict how well someone will do in a remote software engineering role.

2. Computer Science Internship: Deep learning for code recommendation
Crowdbotics is on a mission to create software agents that can improve a codebase by selectively identifying and closing important tickets, as well as suggesting new actions and activities. Using a corpus of annotated code and discussions around code, you'll use Tensorflow and deep learning techniques to design a code prediction engine that can determine which code snippets and libraries are most applicable for which situations.

3. Business Internship: Enterprise sales pathways. Crowdbotics provides sales to a variety of small and mid-size developer organizations, but we're interested in cultivating sales relationships with larger companies. In this project you'll help us develop and sell a new product to the enterprise segment, potentially using the company's social enterprise and empowerment mission to build purchasing relationships with corporate social responsibility teams.

4. Marketing Internship: Developer stories & content & code. Crowdbotics employs teams of virtual software developers coming from some of the most difficult places in the world to work as a software engineer, including the slums of Lima, Peru, and the Gaza Strip, but we are mostly quiet about this social mission. In this project, you'll develop these stories into a compelling virtual marketing experience, with access to a team of developers to help realize your vision.

Company: Deeplook
Sector:  Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Agriculture
Contact: Sebastien Boyer, CEO  |  sebastien.boyer@deeplook.io|  +1 (408) 314-3523
                                              Location: 1365 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 MAP

Born from the hands and minds of a team of AI engineers from MIT and Stanford University, DeepLook aims at resolving one of the most pressing issue in agriculture : reconciling productivity and sustainability. By leveraging their experience in computer vision and robotics, they are taking a highly flexible approach to providing affordable autonomous robots for the farm. Their first focus is on one of the biggest expense buckets of US farmers: weeding processes. The long-term ambition is to provide an autonomous platform for both mechanical work and data collection in the field. Their current prototype can go through a field, detect and distinguish weeds from crop and automatically remove weeds, thus using neither labor (expensive) nor chemicals (non-organic, less efficient, not sustainable). While removing weeds, their robots analyze videos of the field so farmers can visualize growth state, potential diseases and insects happening in their field.

For this summer we are looking for two types of profile:

  1. Mechanical Engineer / Industrial Design intern.
  2. Business development and finance intern.

Student projects:

  1. Mechanical Engineer / Industrial Design intern:
    The intern will be working directly with our lead mechanical engineer on the design of the second release of the robot. The work is likely to contained field tests, creative thinking about mechanical iterations and improvement to be made and mechanical design of these new features.
  2. Business development and finance intern:
    The intern will work directly with the CEO on preparing for the next round of funding. This will include building and reviewing business plans, financial projection, customer acquisition strategy. Depending on the intern's performance, the intern could attend VC meetings during the internship.

Company: Evoke
Sector:  Offline social networking
Contact: Arush Chandna, VP of Growth | arush@letsevoke.com |  +1 (603) 727-8292
Location: 350 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94133 MAP

Evoke is a stealth-mode startup based in San Francisco. Our team comprises of former product managers, designers, psychologists, and engineers who are alums of some of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley such as Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba and prestigious consulting firms like The Parthenon Group. We are building a platform to foster meaningful connections between people with shared interests and diverse backgrounds.

We are looking for students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Ideally the students should have good communication and analytical skills. However, they should also be outgoing and love interacting with people from different cultures and academic and professional backgrounds. We are not looking to place restrictions on the students that we work with based on their majors. However, business and marketing majors with internship experience in marketing, sales, and consulting would be a great fit for the kind of work that we are looking to involve them in.

Interns will be responsible for defining and executing on the firm's growth strategy in their dedicated region. This includes, but may not be limited to getting new users, ideating new features for the platform, and evaluating potential partnerships. Although the interns will be working very closely with the firm's senior management, this job will require them to make several key decisions independently and take on significant responsibility. Excellent communication skills and an ability to think strategically are of paramount importance for success in this role. However, what we are really looking for, above everything else, is a belief in the power of human interactions and a passion to establish meaningful connections between people.

Some examples of the projects might be involved in are:

  • Identifying key strategic partners, defining the scope of a partnership, and supporting the senior leaders in partnership negotiations: In order to get the right kinds of users and activities on our platform, we are going to be partnering with individuals and organizations that might find our platform useful. The idea is to get key influencers on the platform. A key influencer is basically one user who get a large number of users and activities on the platform for us. Key influencers are critical to attaining virality and growth for the platform. Interns working with Evoke would be tasked with thinking about who would be the right kinds of partners for the platform. Fruther, they would also have to think about the types of partnerships we should be having with them and finally, working with the senior management of the startup to get these key influencers on board through these partnerships.
  • Identifying markets for potential future expansions: As a social startup, we want to scale quickly and get to a critical mass of users and activities on the platform that would enable network effects to take over and for there to be an organic viral growth of the app. Hence, the idea is to launch in the San Francisco area, but grow very quickly and move to other users and cities. Interns will help us decide which cities and markets we should prioritize. This will involve interviewing a lot of potential users and key influencers in each of these markets. Additionally, secondary research will also have to be conducted to see how competitors have expanded to other geographies. This will give interns the chance to develop research and analytical skills.
  • Conducting primary and secondary research to determine user preferences and optimize product features: Through this startup, we are trying to build a community of users who believe in the vision and mission of what we are doing (i.e., building a community). One of the most important activities as you build a community is to understand what your users are liking and what they are not liking and the change the product features accordingly. Interns who work at Evoke over the summer would have a chance to be the face of the company and interact with our most important constituents - our users. They would have to develop interviewing skills and be able to bridge that with a business understanding to make recommendations on long term product development pipeline goals. This is a vital skill to have to work at any startup.

Company: Evolute
Sector: Software (Enterprise/High Tech)
                                              Kristopher Francisco, Founder and Executive, Product and Business Strategy
krfrancisco@evolute.io |  +1 (408) 314-3523
                                              Locations: Secondary office: 535 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA MAP
                                              Primary office
: 640 W California Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA

Evolute Evolute makes the datacenter simpler by providing a software ecosystem optimized for IT administrators.  Read more: http://bit.ly/EvoExecSummaryGrunderskolen

We are looking for these kind of students: 

  • Software Engineering (BS, MS)
  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Marketing (past experience in High Tech, Enterprise IT or Software industries a plus)

Student projects:

  • Partnership Strategy - Perform research on market opportunities and create resulting partnerships with software industry leaders from MongoDB (NoSQL) to Oracle (Enterprise DB) to Microsoft (OS/Cloud Computing). The deliverable will include a signed partnership and executed engagement to showcase market impact.
  • Product Leadership - Align Evolute's latest innovations with customer demands to assess, design and implement new product capabilities. The deliverable will include leading a new innovation from concept to customer impact.
  • Platform Design and Engineering - Research, design and implement the latest cloud infrastructure and data science to create a new capability in Evolute's Datacenter Control Plane. The engineer will design and implement a new core innovation and work with Evolute technology leaders to have 25 user sign up as well as submit for patent.

Company: Floydhub
Sector: AI
Contact: Sal Soundararaj  | 
sai@floydhub.com |  

We are building FloydHub, an AI company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are in the current batch at YCombinator.

Floyd is a platform-as-a-service for building Artificial Intelligence (deep learning) applications. We help data scientists by eliminating the immense engineering work required to build amazing AI. We were featured and trending on Product Hunt last week: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/floyd-2, and have been getting amazing traction.

The interns can choose between:
1. Building state-of-the-art deep learning projects. This will be a great opportunity for students interested in AI research.
2. Building top-notch GPU cluster infrastructure on AWS and on-prem. This is great for students with interest in backend infrastructure and engineering.

Company:  Goalbook
Sector: Edtech
Contact: Daniel Yoo, President & CEO | danieljyoo@goalbookapp.com  |  +1 (650) 924-2633
                                              Location: 234 7th Ave #200, San Mateo, CA 94401 MAP

At Goalbook, we empower teachers to transform instruction so that ALL students succeed. We develop research-based products that used by teachers in more than 500 school districts across 45 states in the US. This is an entry-level opportunity to be a critical member of our product development team and join a growing values-driven startup that is improving the equity and access of our diverse school system.

We were founded in 2011 raised our first and only investment round in 2012. Since then we have grown organically, from our own profits, and are now 26 FT and 50+ PT. By the time our student intern would be begin we'd anticipate to be a team between 31-34 FT people. About 90% of our team are former public school teachers (including myself) so we are a very supportive and collaborative working environment.

We provide two content platforms: Goalbook Toolkit and Goalbook Pathways. Goalbook Toolkit is used primarily by special education teacher (teachers of students with disabilities) to adapt learning standards to various different levels of support for students who might struggle with traditional curriculum. Goalbook Pathways is used primarily by classroom educators to plan lessons that are able to engage a wide variety of different student skill levels and learning styles in their classrooms. School and school districts are our customers and they pay an annual subscription fee to provide teachers access to our platform and also services, training, and support.

We would most prefer students who have a passion for product development and design and have software development skills, though they do not need to be an engineering or computer science major. We would also prefer students who are passionate about power of education and/or are interested in how a for profit company can also have a direct and positive social impact.

Student projects:
1. Math Visualization Creator
We have been developing a new product which has been in "stealth" mode and we hope that we can begin to do user testing and soft launch this summer. The product would allow teachers to quickly and easily create visuals models of important math concepts (e.g. fraction tiles) that teachers can use in their own lesson plans. Right now, teachers must create these in a very time-consuming way using Word and Google Docs. This project would provide an rich opportunity for the intern to be involved in the entire end-to-end design process for multiple cycles: user empathy and interviews, prototyping and development, launch, feedback and iteration. They will get to develop and launch a real production product that will be used by tens of thousands of teachers. They would also interact with the engineerings and product designers on our team and receive coaching and mentorship from them.

2. New feature design of existing product
Our general education product (Goalbook Pathways) lacks the ability for educators to curate and share content they find on it. We will be working on this as a team this summer and we hope that our summer intern will be able to contribute to the design and development of these features.

3. Data analytics and AI/Machine Learning
We currently track every user event in our own data pipeline using AWS infrastructure (Firehose, Redshift, Quicksight) and are in just the beginning stages of levering the data using AI and machine learning to better understand user behavior and trends as well as predictive power (e.g. content recommendations, user classification). We hope our student intern will learn and apply various ML algorithms to our data to explore what kinds of insights are possible.

Company:  Groove
Sector: SaaS, Sales
Contact: Chris Rothstein, CEO | chris@grooveapp.com  |  +1 (650) 999-0206
Location: 530 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94403 MAP

Founded by ex-Google employees, Groove’s mission is to empower sales teams to operate at peak performance. We provide a sales communication platform that helps collect, understand and improve your sales activities and customer interactions. Our software is used by large companies like Google as well as smaller organizations like Prezi. Groove helps these customers identify more sales opportunities, close more business and gain valuable insights into their sales process.

Headquartered in the SOMA district of San Francisco, Groove has hundreds of paying customers and ample funding from the VC community.

We are looking for marketing or design students.

Student projects:

- Create sales collateral for the sales team
- Work on a variety of marketing projects related to generating new leads
- Create new customer success videos

Company: Grush
Sector: Big Data, Health, Internet of Things, Consumer Electronics
Contact: Ethan Schur, Founder  | eschur@grushgamer.com  |  +1 (805) 265-0299
                                              Location: 100 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 MAP
                                              Headquarter: 4500 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054


Grush is the Smart Toothbrush Platform that transforms the brushing chore into fun games for kids, provides real time guidance, lets parents and dentist track, and reward the results. A toothbrush is the ideal device to collect health data. Combined with our Realsense enabled Smart Mirror, Grush will become the smart bathroom hub collecting not only the brushing data, but also vital health data.  Grush has achieved very positive traction. Grush won the inaugural title of “America's Greatest Makers” and $1,000,000 prize from the TBS reality show “America’s Greatest Makers”.

We would love to work with students strong in UX/UI, especially those with some experience with the Unity game engine.  Grush has deep and meaningful partnerships with INTEL and IBM. Grush is selling their product now in retail and online. Feedback from consumers is quite positive. We are working with several big channels / companies in USA, Japan, and China to push Grush to every family in the world. Big oral care companies like Philips and Oral-B are working on connected toothbrush now. However, only Grush has patented “Tooth-to-Tooth navigation technology” that enables interactive games and useful data to dentists.

For this reason we have three great projects to work on:

  1. Grush will be making a new level to our hit Augmented Reality Brushing Game "Toothy Castles" and are looking for skilled designers to work with us on this
  2. Grush is embarking on our 2.0 product and there are so many great activities that will grow the business from the global brand strategy to look and feel
  3. We are doing a top secret project with a giant oral care company that will be very educational to participate in

Company: Insikt
Sector: FinTech meets Social Impact
Contact: Kush Khandelwal, Principal Product Manager |  kkhandelwal@insikt.com  |  +1 (408) 828-0441
Location: 333 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94104 MAP


Insikt is a white label loan origination and investing platform that enables any brand to lend to its customers and any accredited investor to invest in consumer loan portfolios. Insikt was founded to tackle these problems:

* We believe that banks will no longer be the way for people to get loans. Instead, Insikt believes that the future of lending will be led by brands - media companies and retailers - that have deep relationships with their customers.

* We want to provide anyone with access to affordable and fairly priced loans. In the current system, only people with high incomes and FICO scores have access to fair loans.

* There are millions of private investors across the country who are tired of earning 0% on their money in banks. Insikt believes these private investors would jump on the opportunity to invest in loan portfolios that can provide attractive and stable returns.

We are looking for students in these fields: Business, Product Management, Finance, Marketing, Social Media, to work on projects like these:

  • Market research study on consumer finance.
  • New social media initiative
  • New Lendify product launch

Company: Jirav
Sector: Finance, Technology
Contact: Sameer Halai, Chief Product Officer | sameer@jirav.com |  +1 (415) 373 6899
                                              Location: 1161 Mission St Ste 539, San Francisco CA 94104 MAP

Jirav provides smarter financials and faster insights, helping finance teams better understand where their businesses have been and predict where they are going. The system connects data from your cloud Accounting, HR, and CRM tools and automatically builds a sophisticated, interconnected financial model that is unique to your business. This lets your teams easily analyze historical data, run multiple forecasts, and collaborate on financials across your entire company's --bookings, billing, revenue recognition, cash flow, and workforce/expense planning--to get the answers you need, fast.

We are looking for students who can fit the role of a Customer Success intern and/or a Marketing intern to work on these projects:
1. Gain product expertise and help implement Jirav for a live customer accounts. Document product features and create training and on-boarding materials to help speed up implementation and support for these accounts.
2. Research and create leads for potential Jirav customers, run email campaigns to qualify the leads.
3. Maintain the social media profiles for Jirav, create and post content and engage with the community

Company: Kirakira
Sector: Edtech
Contact: Suz Somersall, CEO |  suz@kirakira.com  |  +1 (434) 987-6500
Location: 25 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94101 MAP

We are an edtech startup focused on teaching girls about engineering through 3D modeling and 3D printing. We teach them how to make products they love. Backed by Intel and strategic partners like Autodesk, KiraKira is a 70% female team of artists and engineers.

Work at KiraKira
Teaching girls engineering & 3D printing through online art & design lesson.
KiraKira believes that anyone can create and our goal is to inspire a passion for STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) through educational video classes made by young women for young women. KiraKira is a community of young women who will be the students, leaders, makers, engineers, and architects of tomorrow. Our platform teaches the fundamentals of building high quality, real-world 3D design objects and developing them into physical products. Our mission is to arm female makers with the skills they need to pursue careers in technology and change the world for the better.

What We're Building
We are redesigning the way girls learn engineering, through online 3D printing classes. We offer a rich and unique experience with our 3D printed packages, combining both the online 3D print class + the tangible 3D printed reward. More broadly, KiraKira is an online community of learning, making and sharing.

Through our 3D modeling and printing lessons, we teach engineering commands and transferrable skills to various STEM disciplines and careers, including but not limited to architecture, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and industrial design.

We are looking for business, engineering, marketing, sales - anyone passionate about our social mission to reduce the gender gap in engineering.  Here are a couple of examples of internships available:

In this role you will be working with our Head of Marketing, building our community of girls with a passion for 3D modeling and design. We are looking for someone who is excited to jump in and manage a variety of projects. On an average day you could...
- Own and execute our social media strategy, posting consistently on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
- Track and analyze our social media accounts, understanding trends over time and creating a strategy to drive growth
- Communicate with our followers on social media and work to increase their engagement with our brand and answer their questions
- Manage Influencer and Press outreach
- Be self-motivated and comfortable working in a dynamic environment with tight deadlines
- Work with the team to pitch in wherever necessary

We are looking for a 1st or 2nd year MBA candidate to join our fast-growing team. In this role you’ll be working on a variety of complex user experience, business model, and 'other' projects. We are part of 2 accelerators this fall and we're excited to hire an intern to join our programming as part of the team. Get exposure to our investment community, product programing, and partner pitches.

We're looking for:
- MBA candidate in the SF Bay Area
- At least 4+ years pre-MBA experience in either finance, consulting, business development, sales, or marketing
- Excellent problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills
- A passion for education and 3D printing
- A scrappiness and an ability to wear many hats

Our ideal candidate might also have:
- Experience with design for learning/3D printing
- Prior experience in a successful startup

We are excited to learn why you think you would be a great fit for our team. There is no compensation for this internship as you will be joining a select few companies to join our accelerator program . If you MBA program accepts credits for internship projects, we are happy to accommodate and work with you.

Company: Montaag LLC
Sector: Design Services
Contact: Hanne Vastveit, Director of Operations | hanne@montaag.com |  +1 (510) 708-6337
Location: 1818 Harmon Street, Suite 3, Berkeley, CA 94703 MAP


Montaag is a multidisciplinary design studio with offices in Berkeley (CA), Stavanger and Oslo.

We are  passionate and eclectic mix of designers and researchers driven to create insightful, functional and, perhaps, unorthodox design solutions. We are not in the business of just making things look good, but are keen to create strategy-driven solutions that add value and distinction, and ultimately, sharpen our client's competitive edge.

We are looking for Designer/Strategist students.

Our portfolio of projects is as dynamic as our ever-shifting roster of clients, but looking ahead, we project that this summer will provide opportunities to

  • Learn about, as well as design and develop the future of mobility for large automotive clients
  • Reconsider the how modern FinTech consumers use data and translate findings into strategies that will inform future app s/w development.
  • Frame marketing as a design exercise to better elevate and promote Montaag Design Services.
  • Work in a close-knit, energized studio setting that values solid ideas from all team members. 

Company: Montaag Products LLC
Sector: Consumer Products
Contact: Hanne Vastveit, Director of Operations | hanne@montaag.com |  +1 (510) 708-6337
Location: 1818 Harmon Street, Suite 3, Berkeley, CA 94703 MAP


Montaag Products is a burgeoning development, production, marketing and sales company started to take products developed internally at Montaag and thrust them into the real world, where they will hopefully thrive in ways life-changing (for consumers) and profitable (for Montaag). We're exploring all manner of marketing channels—to include Kickstarter, product-specific websites and other media outlets—as we simultaneously consider the broader opportunities for our services (cross-brand partnerships, production assistance, marketing campaigns, etc). We begin, though, with our flagship product: the AnZa espresso machine. Made from Corian or concrete, it is the foundation (ahem) on which Montaag Products is built.

We are looking for Business Strategy and Development students.

This is an exciting time in the Montaag studio as we embark on creating a separate entity to give focus to the development and marketing of our own products designed in-studio.

Potential projects as we build momentum, include:

  • Enhancing Montaag's product business plan to identify high impact opportunities that will optimize performance
  • Contributing to an international startup's brand and marketing strategy
  • Identifying and evaluating potential partners to scale product lines
  • Refining customer management protocols and systems that reflect our burgeoning brand values

Company: Mozio
                                              Sector: Travel
Emre Mangir, President | mangir@mozio.com | +1 (650) 416-1615
                                              Location: 44 Tehama Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105 MAP 

Founded in 2012, Mozio was born out of CEO David Litwak’s experiences travelling to over 60 countries and struggling to find the best local options for getting around.  A technology company at heart, Mozio is focused on helping connect customers, local companies, and global travel brands to turn what can be one of the most confusing parts of any trip – getting to and from the airport - into a delightful experience.  Whether by train, bus, shuttle, sedan, taxi, limo, water taxi, motorcycle or helicopter, travelers using Mozio’s technology can search for and book the right option for them.  Mozio’s technology solutions enable travel brands to drive customer loyalty and effectively monetize on the “last mile” of every trip.First and foremost, we're looking for bright, motivated people who are quick to learn.

Like any startup, there's a ton of stuff to do and learn. Folks with interests and backgrounds in Engineering, Marketing, Business Development, and Sales to work of projects like these:

  • Help us improve our project and product management cycle: Improve the speed with which we get features done, tested, and pushed into production
  • Run and analyze the success of marketing campaigns across various channels
  • Help us reach, negotiate, and execute contracts with CEOs and executive management of the biggest travel companies in the world

Company: NoPassword
Sector: Cyber security - Fintech
Contact: Bam Azizi, CTO | bam@nopassword.com | +1 (202) 361-9743
Location: 440 N Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 MAP 


NoPassword mission is substituting passwords biometric authentication by user's smartphone. The company was founded with the mission to improve cyber-security, by providing the most secure and private user authentication solution in the market. We believe that every individual and company should be able to protect their accounts and information online, securely, yet intuitively. We are here to empower them to enhance their security, protect their privacy, and improve their user experience.

We are looking for engineering - programming students.  We are supporting different platforms and devices. Therefore we need engineers and developers with expertise in different platforms. Here is the brief list: c#, ASP .NET, Javascript, Bootstrap, Java (Android) , Java (Web service), Objective C and Swift.

Here are some of the projects you will be working on:

  • Quality Assurance for different "state of the art" level applications (Android, iOS and web)
  • Very exciting ASP .NET project (Using SignalR for modern web-app)
  • Desktop application development (c# or c++) for face and voice authentication
  • Project for Hackers (Secret) 

Company: Nurx
Sector: Telehealth
Contact: Kyle McCarthy, Head of Marketing |  kyle@nurx.co  |  +1 (410) 474-1813
Location: 81 Langton Street, Suite 11, San Francisco, CA 94103 MAP


Nurx is a telehealth startup based in San Francisco, focusing on making making preventative medication more accessible than ever. Through our app, users can get a prescription for birth control or Truvada for PrEP (HIV prevention medication) from one of our prescribing physicians, and then have it delivered right to their door.

We're changing the game in the way people access their care in the US, and over the past year, our revolutionary approach and app has been covered by over 800 media outlets. Just a few examples include: MTV, CNN, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, SEVENTEEN, New York Times, Good Morning America, Elle Magazine, Bust Magazine, Refinery29, Elite Daily, Huffington Post, and The Guardian.

“This will be your favorite app in 2016.” -Bustle
"Nurx is essentially like Seamless or 1-800-CONTACTS for your reproductive organs." -TeenVogue
“Nurx is a “game-changer." -Elle Magazine
“Nurx is disrupting the birth control market like Trump is disrupting the Republican Party.” -Hello Giggles
"Nurx’s streamlines the process by allowing patients to request a prescription and fill out a health survey through the app. The information is then reviewed by a doctor, remotely, who will decide whether or not the patient is a good candidate for PrEP." -The Guardian
"Nurx, a health technology startup based in San Francisco, has released an app that offers PrEP delivery, easy-peasy-one-two-threesy." -OUT Magazine
"The best thing to happen to health care: Nurx. Game. Changer." -7x7 Magazine
"I tried an app that lets you order birth control pills online for free — and it’s a game-changer" -Business Insider

We are looking for students in these fields: Marketing/Public relations/community outreach, public health, media, working on projects like these:

  • Media outreach - you will work with the head of marketing to connect with media to let them know about how we're democratizing the landscape for reproductive health care.
  • Content - you will also assist the marketing team with writing blog posts on the company blog, writing our social media platforms, and with content marketing.
  • Community outreach - you will work with the marketing team to identify relevant organizations to partner with.

Company: Oomnitza
Sector: ioT
Contact: Arthur Lozinski, CEO |  arthur@oomnitza.co1m  |  +1 (650) 575-1722
Location: 393 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 MAP

We are a team of 15 with customers including: Apple, Pixar, Snapchat, Dropbox, Uber, Yelp, Box, Buzzfeed and many, many more.

Oomnitza provides a suite of solutions for IT professionals, including IT Asset Management, Contract Management and Device Management. Combining mobile and cloud technology, Oomnitza help's IT teams better track, service and manage their company information and assets.

We are looking for Marketing, Communications,  and Business students.

Student projects: Marketing, Competitive Research, Strategy & Innovation

Company:  Outdoorsy
Sector: Travel and Technology
                                              Contact: Logan Johnston, Engagement Manager |  logan@outdoorsy.co  |  +1 (503) 819-1772
                                              Location: 1475 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 MAP

Outdoorsy is an RV marketplace for renters and owners to come together.  Lots of folks own RVs. Lots of folks want to rent RVs. Outdoorsy is how they meet.
We're the most comprehensive platform for outdoor travelers to rent stylish awesome RVs in the nation. Our selection spans vintage Airstreams, toy haulers, fifth wheelers, Class A, B, and C of RVs, as well as garden variety trailers and motor homes.  For professional RV rental companies, we launched Wheelbase for inventory management, utilization rates, and the best insurance in the business.  Outdoorsy.co is safe, easy, fully insured, and has a great local selection. We're free to join and have no membership fees of any kind. Discover amazing RVs to travel in - or rent out your own!

We are looking for Marketing, Engineering, and Sales students.

Student projects:

  • Create Assets for Paid Marketing Campaigns -- Design new campaigns, build target segments, implement via management of our paid search agency, monitor results.
  • Business development and outreach. Research key contacts for potential partners for our SaaS product, conduct outreach, and manage accounts to ensure customer success.
  • Monitor data architecture and deliver reporting for overall health of our marketing funnel. Recommend improvements on product and user experience to directors via reporting and data visualization.
  • Event production -- industry leading events at a local level, working with ambassadors and growing referral-based marketing program.

Company: PalleTech
Sector: Big Data, IoT, Logistics, Supply Chain
Contact: Richard Linkesch, CEO |  richard@palletech.co  |  +1 (415) 279-3726
Location: 465 10th street, #201, San Francisco, CA 94103 MAP


PalleTech was founded with the belief that supply chain information should be harnessed from the bottom up by making wooden pallets smart. With over 12bn of them worldwide, PalleTech aims to be the analytics tool of choice in significantly curbing product spoilage, loss and delays.

We are looking for these kind of students: Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Back-end, Full-Stack

Student projects:

  • Revamp the client facing user interface: Associating large amounts of data in a lean map-based form is a challenge for a lot of IoT companies nowadays. We are looking for an eager web developer to help us on this task
  • Power consumption comes at a premium in our devices, being able to orchestrate heavy operations like rf transmission with event detection is our next big task. We're looking for a student to take up the mantle on this.
  • Design and write high-quality C code targeted for embedded systems. Actively interact with electrical engineers during the design and support phase of PalleTech’s smart modules. Design and execute initial testing of the team’s embedded code. Assist during the product bring-up, pre-launch as well as debugging steps with other software engineers.

Company: Product School

Sector: Edtech
                                              Contact: Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, CEO|  carlos@productschool.com  |  +1 (650) 278-9885
                                              Location: 415 Jackson St. Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94111  MAP

Product School is an education company that offers Product Management courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York and Los Angeles.
Our instructors are professionals with over 5 years of real-world product management experience working at renowned tech Companies like Google and LinkedIn, and other technology startups. Our students are professionals with over 3 years of experience in technology, business or design roles.
All our classes are compatible with a regular work schedule and our campuses are conveniently located in each city where we operate.

We are looking for students in these fields:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Here are some of the projects you will be working on:

  • Manage the calendar of classes in all of our campuses in California and New York
  • Onboard students and instructors to give them access to all equipment and resources when needed
  • Gather feedback from students and instructors in order to improve their experience continuously
  • Manage teaching assistants, cleaners and office suppliers to maintain classrooms, common areas and kitchen
  • Manage all student communications

Company: Pubinno, Inc.
Sector: Electronics, Hospitality
Contact: Nico Alpmen, Co-founder/CTO |  necdet@pubinno.com  |  +1 (669) 204-6786
Location: 1040 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 MAP


Pubinno is a fast-growing technology startup developing Taptronics, world's first plug&play, smart beer tap that serves the perfect beer. Taptronics provides smooth creamy foam that creates a wonderful drinking experience. It also combines IoT, robotics, data analytics and sensor fusion to increase keg efficiency up to 20%. It can serve any type of beer at the ideal temperature with the optimal amount of foam. As a new channel between bar owners and beer brands, Taptronics provides operational and quality metrics in real time. We are currently deploying Taptronics all over the world.

Join us for the beer revolution!

Looking for Business, marketing and sales, industrial design students.

Student projects:

  • Help company to create US go-to-market strategy
  • Conduct market research
  • UX & design research
  • Help forming sales process

Company: Quiki Inc.
Sector: AI, Saas
Contact: Natalie Abeysena, CEO|  natalie@askquiki.com  |  +1 (857) 210-7311
Location: 948 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133  MAP


Quiki automatically creates a knowledge base from communication platforms. We improve the efficiency of team communication by tracking questions as they're being asked and surfacing relevant answers.

We use a combination of NLP and search algorithms to pick up and resurface appropriate answers. Sales and Customer support teams find our platform especially valuable when onboarding new reps!

Looking for students that have experience in these areas:

  • Engineering/programming
  • NLP/Machine Learning
  • User Interface/Design

Some project areas that students could support during the summer:

Core Search & Retrieval Technology
-Improving search algorithm
-Supporting NLP modeling

Integrations with more Communication Platforms
-API integrations with new communication platforms (currently we are integrated with Slack)

-User experience research - we are redesigning our dashboard where users can enter new questions/answer data
-Editing content/language that we use when interacting with users as a bot

Company: Remote Interview, Inc.
Sector: B2B Tech, Technical Recruiting, B2B SAAS
Contact: Munir Usman, CEO |  munir@remoteinterview.io |  +1 (415) 799-6978
Location: Galvanize - 44 Tehama st, San Francisco, CA 94105 MAP



Remote Inverview makes software to test programmer. Our platform measures technical skills of candidate automatically before they start the interview process. Our customers save up to 80% of screening time during recruiting. We have more than 150 paying customers and we have been featured by Forbes, Inc. Magazine etc.

We are looking for B2B Marketing and Sales students.

Here are some of the projects you will be working on:

  • Optimize existing marketing & sales funnel
  • Conduct experiments to explore Video marketing channel
  • Research on new marketing channels for lead generation


Company: Resoltz Incorporated
Sector: Healthcare, Edtech
Contact: Eugene Baah, CEO|  baah@resoltz.com  |  +1 (646) 345-8546
Location: 680 Folsom St #145, San Francisco, CA 94107  MAP

We build wellness application for universities and corporations. Our fitness app Resoltz, provides personalized video workout programs for leading organizations, we create engagement through fun competitions between dorms, class years, and departments. We provide accountability and tracking by integrating popular wearable devices.

We are looking for design talent primarily and then engineering talent.

Student projects:

  1. Onboarding flow: a) Research and Experiment to identify key user goals that will lead us to, b) present the user with a suggested route and timeline to achieve that goal c) setup the necessary channels to remind the user to stick to their goal d) get encouraged to jump back when they fall off e) get intrinsic and extrinsic rewards when they folow the guidance.
  2. Support group: Figure out and put in place a full circle for creating, joining, communicating, reporting, motivating, rewarding a small group of friends, classmates, coworkers to stay motivated and on point.
  3. Attract trainers, providers, partners: Figure out what info, strategy, approach (other than number of users on the platform) to attract different trainers, production companies, colleges and corporate companies. Design those pages, gather the needed info, identify the key ingredients. I'm admitting that our current value prop is not resonating with a wide range of trainers
  4. Product packaging: Come up with products landing pages that show the value of the Product combined with platform features. Close the loop on the value prop for each trainer. Lots of holes to be filled for consumer to move forward with a sale.

Company: Sentio
Sector: Consumer Electronics
Contact: Andrew Jiang, CEO and Co-Founder |  andrew@sentio.com  |  +1 (510) 646-3356
Location: 162 S. Park Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 MAP


Sentio is a consumer electronics company with proprietary technology that transforms your smartphone into a laptop. We launched our flagship Superbook on Kickstarter last year, becoming the Most Funded Hardware project at nearly $3M raised. Our team is led by alumni from Google and Y Combinator, and is backed by leading VCs including Social+Capital and 500 Startups.

Our technology transforms your smartphone into a full laptop, through our universal laptop dock paired with our software - a mobile app that makes Android function as a full desktop environment. The hardware is the Superbook, our first generation universal laptop dock. We launched the Superbook in late 2016 with one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history - $3M in 30 days.

The software is Sentio, our mobile app that makes Android function as a true desktop. Simply download our app and connect to the Superbook to access a rich, productive, laptop experience powered by your smartphone. Our app has been downloaded by more than half a million people from the Play Store.

Smartphones are just as powerful as PCs, yet massively underutilized. Sentio is unlocking the full potential of our pocket computers and powering the next billion creators, developers, and workers.

We have summer internships around 2 areas:
Product design
Product / consumer marketing

Student projects:
1. Consumer marketing plan targeting European countries
2. Go to market strategy for Europe
3. Product design on the Sentio OS

Company: SnapEDA
Sector: Electronics
Contact: Natasha Baker, CEO |  natasha@snapeda.com  |  +1 (650) 644-6199
Location: 680 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107 MAP


SnapEDA helps hardware designers bring new products to market faster. Our parts library is used by tens of thousands of designers, from small shops to household names like Nest.

We are looking for Marketing, sales, software engineering students to work on projects like these:

1) Digital marketing: Creation and execution of a digital marketing strategy (including social media) for a new launch
2) Outbound sales: Creation and execution of outbound sales strategy & process for a new product being launched
3) Engineering
- Front-end role: Implementation of new web features in Javascript, HTML, etc.
- Back-end role: Implementation of new software features in Python

Company: SolarNexus Inc.
Sector: Solar Energy
Contact: Michael Palmquist, Co-Founder, CEO |  mpalmquist@solarnexus.com  |  +1 (510) 508-7697
Location: 548 Market St., Suite 62080, San Francisco, CA 94104MAP

SolarNexus provides business operations software to independent solar sales and installation companies (B2B).

We are looking for business and marketing students.

Student projects:

  1. Market research - Assist with creating and operating a pilot product launch to assess consumer receptiveness to new product concept
  2. Market research - Assist with assessing solar installer requirements and receptiveness to new product concept, test pilot
  3. Assist with onboarding new customers, interviewing customers to determine account setup specifics, and completing setup tasks

Company: Streethacker, Inc.
Sector: Consumer Internet
Contact: Anand Sukumaran, Co-founder & CEO |  anand@streethacker.co |  +1 (415) 316-6542
Location: 1392 7th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94107  MAP

Streethacker is a video based restaurant discovery app. Our users discover new restaurants through 10 seconds video recommendations. Imagine if Yelp and Snapchat had a baby. Streethacker is a new way of unearthing the culinary treasures of a city. We launched Streethacker on iOS app store (US) last year and we are gaining traction in the San francisco Bay area. We had a great experience working with the two interns from Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship last year.

Marketing Intern - The marketing intern will be working with the founders on finding new ways to acquire new users, engage with the existing users, and execute marketing campaigns. The job will also include working with restaurants, trying their food & shooting videos. Candidates with experience in marketing is preferred.

iOS intern - The iOS intern will be working with our CTO. The job includes designing & building new features for Streethacker iOS app and implement customer user interfaces & user experience. Candidates should be familiar with Swift and concepts of OOPS.

Student projects:
1) User acquisition - The intern has to find new ways to acquire new users at a low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) & execute the ideas. We like crazy ideas.
2) Restaurant partnerships - Intern has to contact the restaurants, explain about the app, and strike partnerships.
3) Offline campaigns - Organize offline campaigns at restaurants and colleges to create awareness about the app.

Sector: AI, Retail
Contact: Gurudatt Bhobe, Co-Founder, COO |  gb@supply.ai  |  +1 (650) 695-2034
                                              Location: 180 Sansome Street, Floor 2, San Francisco, CA 94104 MAP

SupplyAI helps retailers bring customer oriented cognition to running their business.  Our first product helps retailers prevent returns by understanding consumer and systems behavior.

We are looking for these kind of students:
Engineering - Machine Learning/AI, Backend
Marketing - Enterprise Software

These are som of the projects you will be workiing on:

  1. Build parts of our core AI module for ReturnSense - prediction & recommendation engines (AI)
  2. Smart Ingest - Adapters and connectors for Enterprise ecommerce software for large data ingest (Backend, Data Engineering)
  3. Develop & structure marketing outreach targeted to apparel retailers - Marketing

Company: Telligent Data
Sector: Big Data
Contact: Lewis King, CEO |  lewis@telligent-data.com |  +1 (415) 758-0155
                                              Location: 180 Sansome St., Fl. 2, San Francisco, CA 94104 MAP

Data movement as a service: Telligent Data has developed tools and processes for moving data from on-premise and legacy databases to the cloud. This helps companies analyze.

We're expanding both our product's feature set and customer base, so we are interested in two types of students:
Engineering: our product is written primarily in Java and Python.
Sales: technically-minded, extroverted sales people.

Any experience with data is awesome!

Student projects:
- (Eng) Create additional integrations and connectors to third party data APIs into our system (like Salesforce, Zendesk, Logentries)
- (Eng) Add support for new open source projects for our platform, such as Apache Flink, Airflow, and Spark
- (Sales) Assess and test new verticals/stakeholders for sales outreach

Company: volans-i

Sector: B2B Drone Deliveries
Contact: Wesley Zheng, Founder |  wesley@volans-i.com  |  +1 (415) 309-7044
Location: 1355 Market Street, Suite 488, San Francisco, CA-94103 MAP

On-demand delivery service for enterprise customers using high-speed long-range drones.  

We're looking for highly talented engineers (software, mechanical, aerospace) and highly motivate marketing, sales and operations people - to work on these projects:

  • Software development projects include front-end webpage, web applications & web services development, and back-end projects such as database management, security/firewall.
  • Mechanical/aerospace engineering projects include various tasks on the hardware components of our vehicles
  • Marketing/sales tasks including lead generation, market research, customer relationship management.