Joachim Aae 2.jpg

MSc in Economics and Business Administration

I am a Norwegian Business student looking forward to this opportunity working for a company in the San Francisco area. As an outgoing and energetic person, I have been told that I am fun to work with, while at the same time staying professional. My interests are very broad, and I am always eager to learn new things. Up until now, I have spent a lot of time being active in our student union, and have this year been in the managing board. It is run much like a business, with 3,2 MUSD in revenues at a school of only 3000 students, arranging all kinds of events. With this experience, together with experience from previous jobs in retail and in banking, I am used to working with all kinds of people and across different fields.

Having worked in traditional areas, I am very eager to work in a startup. One day I hope to start my own company, preferably within Fintech, but most areas are of interest. With an education in Business, and by making sure to learn about new technologies on my own, I hope to obtain a skillset valuable for any company, but in particular an innovative company.  Working for your startup, I will be a hard-working, curious and energetic employee. Eager to learn from your experiences this far, and wanting to contribute with my own thoughts and ideas.

Would enjoy working in the crossroads of finance and technology.  I am versatile and with broad interests, so most sectors are of interest.

Work experience and skills:

  • Business student with sales and customer service experience from retail electronics and banking.
  • Accompanied by an interest in IT and technology, have some experience with R, SQL and Python as tools. Will be working with Business Intelligence tools this spring, eg. Qlik, Tableau and PowerBI. (spring internship).
  • Outgoing and not afraid to meet new people, contributes to a professional, but still fun work-environment.
  • Hard-working and curious to learn new things.


Rebecca Olsen Amoako 2.png

Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship - Graduate level program, University of Oslo 2018
University College of Eastern Norway - Bachelor of law 2017
BI Norwegian Business School - Bachelor Business Economics 2017
University of Oslo - First year of law school 2012
University College of Southeast Norway, Exchange studies at Gateway College, Mexico

I am a driven, ambitious and creative 26-year-old woman who aims to excel in whatever I take on I am a very quick learner who is motivated by new challenges. While I enjoy being part of a team, I am also very comfortable with leading that team to success. Combining my academic studies with extensive work experience, I now feel
extremely comfortable in working independently and in fast-paced, crowded environments. I have learned to combine quality with quantity, working with pressing deadlines. I am very socially outgoing and comfortable
with presenting in front of an audience. Through studying and living in various countries, I am very comfortable with communicating with professionals globally. My written and verbal communication skills are good, and I always work to exceed the objectives that are set for me, as well as for those I set out for myself. I am looking forward to learn more about how to accelerate business growth. I am motivated to learn, and to use my knowledge to improve people’s lives.

I will be happy to work with any type of start-up business. I don’t have any specific work preferences, but I am interested to learn more about artificial intelligence products, and products that can help companies run their businesses more smoothly.

Work experience and skills:

1. I am highly self-motivated and love to work in teams
2. Having traveled a lot I have learned how to manage my time well and get the job done in time
3. Due to living in different countries I am able to adapt to various environments, which makes it easy for me to tackle different roles. Also, learning how to deal with people from different part of the world.
4. Being highly motivated and curious I love to take initiative in learning, asking questions and researching things I need to know.
5. I will contribute with my positive energy, and what I have learned from both, business economics courses and law courses.

Barman-Jenssen, Simon   MATCHED WITH GROOVE LABS

Simon Barman-Jenssen 2.jpg

Bachelor: Management, Innovation and Marketing

From an early age, I discovered creativity to be one of my strongest attributes. Through my 26 years I've explored the many possibilities for utilizing this ability which has led me into marketing, entrepreneurial projects, event planning, sales and a lot more. 

At my current workplace, Northern Norway’s center of design and architecture, I am allowed, and trusted upon, to use my creative sense in a varies of ways. I work as a project manager, content marketer and seller. I am also trying to establish a consultant firm which helps organizations unlock their full potential by looking for points of improvement and then come up with new and innovative ways to deal with them, all based on the service design methodology. In spear time, I also like to host events and banquettes, which plays on one of my other strengths, public speaking. 

Whilst moving forward I always look for new adventures, challenges and interesting opportunities. May it be in marketing, projects or administration. What I can guarantee is that I will shine a different light on the task at hand and work methodically to achieve the best possible result. Seen that the tech industry has grown essential for all industries, I find it important to gain knowledge of the fields and discover new ways to build better solutions for end users. 

When looking for an internship, I hope to find a company which will put my strengths to the test, and utilize all my skills, which is: 

Strengths: Creative | Focused | Enduring | Effective | Team player | Willpower  
Skills: Public speaking | Project management | Event management/coordination | Communication | Sales
I would like to learn about: Big data | Interaction design | International work | Product design | and more


Merima Bektesevic 2.jpg

Master Innovation and management, social science
Bachelor Planning and administration

I have roots from Montenegro and Russia, and I came as a refugee with my family to Norway when I was 9 years old. After completing a bachelor, I moved from my hometown to Bergen. Here I have worked part-time in Norway's largest bank as a customer adviser, insurance adviser and student adviser. I look at myself as a structured person with a high degree of implementation and that's why I think I have been assigned new tasks throughout my career at the bank. In June, I was elected as a team electoral representative. In November I was elected as a union representative for my team, for the largest union in the financial sector. This shows that people trust me and find it easy to come to me with their thoughts and wishes and that they know that things are being addressed. Besides the part-time job in Bergen, I have studied full time business administration and now study master in innovation and management. This combination I think supports the fact that I am flexible and have capacity to perform. As an employee, I am positive while I am critical to changes. Not because I am negative to changes, changes are the future, but on the basis of how things are communicated. I think it is important for transparency and a good dialogue especially in the case of changes.  I am determined and know what is needed to succeed, this reflects in that I have always received positive feedback from my managers and have been among the top of various measurements in recent years. I'm also curious and like to learn new things, in all the different areas. Lately I have found interest in body language, since I think this is very useful and something that can be used in all contexts. Other interests that I like to spend time on are; cooking, being with people I care about, traveling and go hiking.

Special interests: technology and how a business developer works, I enjoy planning events and gathering people, I am interested in sustainable development within environment and food production and I would like to learn how Human Resources works, especially in a startup.

Work experience and skills:
1. I have 11 years of experience in sales and service within the retail and finance sector. Have also received high scores in positive feedback in customer service feedback surveys. This shows that people enjoy talking to me since I appear to be knowledgeable and helpful in things I do.
2. I work structured and determined. Based on this; I can help carrying out projects and tasks since I have great implementation. I am detail oriented but manage to see the big picture. Have organized events for thousand of students.
3. Was elected as a trustee at work since colleagues trust me and because I am positive and see opportunities. I am concerned with a good working environment and show this by taking initiatives for social gatherings at work and at leisure.
4. I see things that need to be done. I take the initiative to implement things, but I also like to get everyone in the team involved, so that everyone contributes.
5. In a startup, I will be curious and dare to try and fail to learn new things but also dare to show what I have learned throughout seven years of higher education.


Solveig Bersaas 3.jpg

MSc, Economics and Business Administration, Strategy and Strategic Management (Major), New Business Development (Minor), Norwegian School Economics, NHH

BSc, Economics and Business Administration, Norwegian School of Economics, NHH

I am a 27-year-old business student from Norway. During my time at NHH (Norwegian School of Economics) I was an active member of the student union. I co-founded the Spanish Speaking Association, and was also the Head of Finance and Vice President at the technical group responsible for light and sound production at university events.  I am ambitious, hard-working and thrive on new challenges. After completing my bachelor’s degree in 2016 I moved to Amsterdam, where I interned at the travel agency TravelBird in their Acquisition and marketing team. After completing the internship, I worked as a Content Specialist for the Norwegian market at Staples Solutions’ headquarters in Amsterdam. Working in one of Europe’s most important startup hubs was an eye-opening experience to me, and I expect working in Silicon Valley will be equally transformative.

After my gap year I returned to NHH, where I am currently majoring in Strategy and Strategic Management with a minor in New Business Development. I am passionate about tech and disruptive innovation, and am particularly interested in digital marketing and how startups can gain traction through savvy marketing techniques. Before starting university, I spent two years at The British School of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. I am open-minded and used to working with people from various backgrounds and cultures. In my spare time I hike, do CrossFit, and volunteer at music festivals.

Special interests: AI & Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Social Media Marketing, Product Design

Work experience and skills: Project Management, Google Analytics,/Google Adwords, Google Keyword Planner, Market Research, Content Marketing, Event Management, Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Advertisement, Design thinking


Borgen, Joakim Askautrud  MATCHED WITH NURX


BA in Culture Management

I am an educated producer whose been working creative and administrative in the culture field for the past six years, both as a producer and project manager for the Radio Drama at the Norwegian Cooperation Broadcasting, as a director and playwright for independent groups and at regional theaters and as a as an actor in award winning TV series and commercials. I am an creative entrepreneur, used to making decisions, plan and coordinate. I believe I would be a resource for any innovation company, especially with my varied experience and my education has also given my good insight on the fields of business, economy, law, creative thinking, storytelling, organizing psychology and managing.

Special interests:
- Artificial intelligence, artificial moral and panpsychism.
- Augmented Reality
- Gamification
- VR Technology and Oculus Rift
- Robotics

Work experience and skills:
 - With my experience as an actor, I am good at reading people in social settings, always keep calm in stressful situations and can coach in oral and stage            presentation.
-  I am a idea maker, fast learner and a creative mind with an inexhaustible amount of ideas. An asset to any content development team.
- Experience with development, dramaturgy and storytelling.
- Experience with organizing bigger institutional events as well as independent projects, from idea to result.
- From inter-railing Europe and backpacking through Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America, i have practiced my english language and got to        learn a lot about the world, and am easily adaptable to any environment.


Buverud, David Harald Olafsson Puer    MATCHED WITH CROWDBOTICS

David Buverud.jpg

BSc Computer Science
BA Musicology

CS student and musician with a passion for everything creative.
My background in both technological and creative fields gives me a unique insight that can be valuable for the right tech start up. During my work and studies I have conducted and arranged for larger ensembles, worked with music production in a diverse range of genres, helped launch a master’s degree in Music Technology, developed an operating system, filmed and edited an array of promotional videos, and been in command of a cutting edge Motion Capture lab. I’m a jack of all trades when it comes to technology, but I also do well when it comes to accepting new and different challenges. Other than working as an engineer at UiO with expertise in tech and music, I have also worked as a recruiter for Doctors without Borders, a research assistant, an indoor gardener, and being in charge of the night guard at a pier. My end goal is to one day be a part of creating something that changes how we make music - something that opens up this world for more people.

Special interests:
- Music tech
- Game tech
- Ed. Tech
- VR/AR Tech

Work experience and skills:
- Software developing: Java, Python, C, Assembly.
- Agile development: Experience with Scrum, Kanban and Test-Driven Development.
- IT/AV: filming and editing, everything audio related, Motion Capture, etc.
- Sales and customer service.


Fredrik Skaug Hansen 2.jpg

Master of science in Economics and Business Administration

I am currently studying for a master in Economics and Business Administration, which I expect to graduate from within the end of 2018. I have always been interested in technology and when I finished my bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration this spring, I decided to start studying for a bachelor degree in Computer Technology simultaneously as I were studying for my master degree.
In addition to studying, I am working part-time for Scandinavias biggest HR-tech and competence company. I am working in the marketing department, but I do regular work for the R&D department as well.
In my spare time I like hanging out with my friends, whether that means watching sports on the television or live, hiking in the mountains, go skiing or just have some drinks and talk.

Special interests:

- FinTech
- Artificial Intelligence
- Augmented Reality
- Logistics
- Business Management Systems

Work experience and skills:
- Market analysis
- Product Development: Business and marketing strategy, development of prototypes.
- Business Model Innovation: analyze and/or restructuring how the company create, capture and deliever value for its customers.
- Performance, profits and pricing analysis of customers, products or companies.
- Data Analysis and Business Intelligence skills

Haugsten Hansen, Håkon    MATCHED WITH IVALDI

Hakon_Haugsten_Hansen 2.jpg

MSc. Industrial Management

·Industrial Management is for me a study of how to manage creativity in a direction that will make something valuable. I have always loved being creative; therefore I decided to become an engineer, where I could use my creativity to solve technical issues. I got introduced to leadership and management through school courses and voluntary work, where I realized how many different aspects there are behind a project. The parts that captured my interest were all the things that may go wrong, and what consequences details could have. I am not scared by things that are not going as planned because that makes people creative.

Special interests:
• FinTech
• Blockchain
• AI / deep-learning / cognitive computing
• Mixed reality

Work experience and skills:
• Change management
• Economical management
• Strategy management
• Supply chain management

Hegge, Loke Mathias Nilsen   MATCHED WITH JIRAV

Loke Hegge 2.jpg

Bachelor of Business Administration

Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker
Experience from Strategy, Business Development, Financial Modelling and Sales

This is me:
- Inquisitive by nature - if I am not sure, I will ask.
- Detail oriented - average is not good enough.
- Take respect in others - I value sincerity and respect.
- Goal oriented - Motivated by pursuing goals and getting things done.
- Sceptical to consensual 'facts and truths'

How I can contribute:
- Gather Data: interviews, online research
- Analyze Data: ExCel, Google Analytics, qualitative reasoning
- Communicate Key Insights: to management, investors, conferences, customers or media
- Executive Assistant: flexible and adaptable associate taking care of a variety of pending tasks off- or on-site


Hjallum, Julian Heimonen    MATCHED WITH SCOPE AI 

Julian Heimonen Hjallum 2.jpg

Applied Computer Technology

I am a 22 year old technology/business student, and a co-owner of a Norwegian startup focused on medical screening. In my two years experience of working in this company I have become comfortable with adapting to constant changes, and I really enjoy working in dynamic environment like this. My undergraduate studies has given me an expertise in UX design, which I believe is very important to enhance any product. My earlier work experiences has shown me that I also have a talent for sales and customer interaction. I have a desire to learn more about entrepreneurship and I believe that my skills and experiences will be valuable to any startup.

Special interests:

  • User Experience
  • Environmental technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain

Work experience and skills:

  • Front-end development
  • User experience design
  • Online marketing
  • Information visualization


Holen, Hans Kristian Raknerud   MATCHED WITH CROWDBOTICS

Hans Kristian Holen 2.jpg

M.S. Mechanical Engineering

I am a 24 year old Norwegian, currently studying 4th year Mechanical Engineering and working as a Junior Consultant at EVRYs Innovation Lab. I am creative, typically in a good mood, who loves to be challenged. Through the last years I have gained a lot of experience in team work, through starting a business, voluntary projects besides of school, work as well as serving time in the Military. My work is within a wide range, for instance concept development and business development, were I get to use my creativity for problem solving.

Special interests:
- Fintech
- Health tech
- Ed. Tech
- Biotech

Work experience and skills:
- Business development
- Concept development
- Product development



Sondre Hoeyland.jpg

Master Industrial Economy and Technology Management (M.Sc)

I have 1.5 years left of my masters degree at NTNU after exchanging to UCSD for my entire third year, and I will focus on optimization in my masters degree. My academic background is broad which is mainly due to my degree being half mechanical engineering, math and programming and the other half in business, economy and leadership. I find responsibility energizing when working in teams and that is why I am pursuing start-up opportunities whereas the majority of my fellow classmates will end up big corporations in finance and consulting. After just two weeks at NTNU I run for the PR Manager position in a voluntary organisation, won and ended up as the CFO the year after, so I like jumping into the unknown and see where it leads me.

Special interests:
- Automation/Robotics: Fields I’ve barely touched in a course called Product Modelling and found very compelling.
- Automotive industry: Both the production line (LEAN and similar production principles) and the emerging market for self driving cars
- Ed.Tech: My mom is a teacher, and I have worked as a substitute teacher so this is a field I found interesting. Have also seen the power of it through being a user of e.g. Khan Academy.
- Medical: just read Superfreakonomics (Dubner & Levitt, 2009) and found everything from one-to-one personal pasient care strategies to the impact of new medical devices compelling and interesting.

Work experience and skills:
- Field work: conduct interviews/surveys, marketing
- Powerpoint: creating slides and presenting
- Excel: calculations and presentations (finance/accounting)
- Generalist in programming (Matlab, C, C++) and statistical



Anne Hukkelberg 2.jpg

Master of Science in Industrial Economics and Technology Management

I am currently in my fourth year at the Industrial Economics and Technology studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. My studies combine management, economics and technology, and gives me the benefit of being able to look at and evaluate situations from different perspectives. Through my years as a student my curiosity on how businesses are run and new technologies on the market has grown. One day I hope to utilize what I am learning to find a way to make people's lives better.

Special interests:
 - Health care services
- Ed. Tech
- VR / AR
- Product Design
- Technological sports equipment

Work experience and skills:
- Design / 3D-modeling
- Marketing
- OrganizerW
- Operation Management
- Business Strategy

Ismail, Kahni Ghareb  MATCHED WITH JIRAV

Kahni Ghareb Ismail.jpg

B.Sc Business Administration

As a person I am positive and outgoing and I love getting to know new people and working in teams. I have experience from working in both a grocery store and a library, but my passion during my studies has been the Student Association. Among other things, I was the company contact for the Career day at Bergen University College for two years in a row, I was the Vice president in the Events group for one year and I was the Vice president in the Executive Board at student association at Bergen University College for one period. I have also been engaged in the Student Association at NHH, where I recently became head of recruiting in the Northern parts of Norway for the Student Games Bergen Challenge. Bergen Challenge is a student sports festival, which ultimately hosts more than 2000 participants. I believe all these different activities is a testament of my versatility, work capacity, and can-do-attitude. I am always active and I love working in a high-pace environment with people around me.

Special interests:   
- Technology sector
- Energy (renewable)
- Consulting

Work experience and skills:
- Can contribute to defining an organizational structure or reorganizing a current structure, this was the focal area of my Bachelor theisis written for eSmart Systems
- Project management. In my studies, I have taken several leadership courses giving me a theoretical background which will help me contribute with project management. I also have hands on experience with project management in the student union.
- Customer relations. Several years of experience working with customer relations, in both a grocery store and a libarary, makes me able to contribute in an internship with meeting potential customers and creating trustworthy bonds

Jørgensen, Michelle   MATCHED WITH AUGUST HOME

Michelle Jorgensen.jpg

Bachelor in Business Administration

I am an outgoing and efficient person with willingness to learn new working methods and solutions. I have experience in areas such as economic analysis, finance and marketing from my bachelor degree, which I both hope and think will be in advantage for me in an internship like this. Before I started my education and during I have got the chance to travel a lot and in that way, I have experienced different cultures and people. This has made me more adaptable to new people in a way that makes it easy to work in teams with me, and to understand others way of thinking. I do hope my education, experience and insight can and will be helpful in a program like this, and I am looking forward to work as an intern!

Special interests: 
- Environmental/Green sector
- Health sector
- Sport
- Education technology.
- Transport sector

Work experience and skills:
- Business strategy and prognoses
- Mathematical/Economic analysis
- Accounting and budgeting
- Customer relation and communicating
- Creative thinking and new insight


Narges karimi.jpg

Master of Hotel and tourism leadership is completed. Now : Master of Energy, Environment and Society

Having studied and worked in different sectors gave me the opportunity to have better understanding of market demands and different technologies. Innovation and creativity is my aim both in job and life. Fast learning and hard working is my main character on job.

Special interests: 
1- Renewable energies
2- Tech and IT
3- Smart City
4- Sea food technologies
5- Tourism Industry

Work experience and skills:
1- Service design
2- IT
3- Supply chain
4- Data management
5- Market research


Simen Felipe Hedenstad Karlsen 2.jpg

Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Management

I graduated at the top of my class with the degree MSc in Strategic Marketing Management from The Norwegian Business School (BI).  My theoretical interests include strategy, marketing finance, pricing and branding. I wrote my thesis on causes of price premiums within the Occupational Health Services Market (B2B). The findings of the study were published in the BI Marketing Magazine and online at the BI Business Review.     

With six years of work experience within several sectors after obtaining my degree, I have a strong combination of both theoretical and practical understanding.  My work experience span from among others research assistant, consultancy, and sales.  In my position as District Advisor at The Finance Sector Union of Norway, I developed a thorough understanding of the FinTech market in Norway, and how policy changes alter the market.  

I recently took the plunge establishing my own co-working startup, following my ambition to create and innovate, combined with utilizing my past experiences and my network to bring a new service to the market.  If you are looking for a highly motivated worker within the startup scene, I`d be thrilled to contribute.

Special interests: Co-working, Fintech, Biotech, Automotive, Social media

Skills: Hard working, Reliable, Positive minded, Analytic, Flexible

Kavli, Ragnhild Elise   MATCHED WITH MEGACOOL

Ragnhild Elise Kavli 2.jpg

Completed 4 years of integrated master at The Norwegian University of Science and technology within Industrial Economics and Technology Management (M.Sc)

I am currently studying the fourth year of an integrated master at NTNU. The first three years of my education I focused on product development and production. I will write my master within industrial and economic optimization. This integrated master combines technology, economics and leadership and gives a thorough basis within mathematics, programming and mechanical engineering. The wide specter of topics gives me the ability to adapt to and learn new fields quickly.

I view myself as dedicated, social and adaptable. My education has given me an analytical way of thinking and viewing my surroundings, and I am curious, engaged and interested in finding new and innovative solutions. I spent the third year of my education in Turin, Italy. This year taught me how to stand on my own two feet and adapt to a completely different culture and language, and also what kind of environmental and political challenges that exists in Italy.

Special interests: The environment and green energy solutions and product development.

Work experience and skills:
- Team work: I enjoy cooperating with others to find new and creative solutions.
- Economics and industrial optimization: Finding solutions to complex economic and logistical problems using algorithms and tools from optimization.
- IT and programming: I can program in Matlab and JAVA, and I would like to learn more. I am also experienced with Excel and Xpress.  
- Product development: Courses within material sciences and physics.
- The environment: I am part of Protect Our Winters Norway, a leading advocacy group for the winter sports community.



Ingvild Kindlihagen 2.jpg

Bachelor in economics and business administration

As a person I’m positive minded and curious. I find this to be one of my best personality traits when it comes to work life and education. I am not afraid to ask about things I don´t understand, thus, I will describe myself as a person who is eager to learn in every situation. I’m also open to new ideas, and a real challenge does not scare me. I have a part-time job next to studies, and in my spare time I like to be social and meet up with my friends and new people. Other interests is to be out in the nature. I am used work under stressful situations and adapt to changes fast.

Special interests:
- tech
- artificial intelligence
- economic

Work experience and skills:
- customer relations
- managing store stock
- accounting
- problem solving


Ole Hovik Knudsen 2.png

Bachelor's degree in Sport Management. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Economics.

I’m a 26 year old  passionate person with a lot of energy. I have a very deeply interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, business and marketing. My biggest passion is probably in the context of culture, identity and business reputation. In my bachelor thesis, I wrote about how the fitness industry can communicate internally and externally to improve their reputation and create growth. I have different work experiences from healthcare and fitness centers.
Additionally, I am interested in future technology and I value the important of future technology. I find especially Beacons technology and Information Management/Processing very interesting.
Also, I have started my own business in 2012, and therefore have some experience with business models and the startup phase.

Special interests:

  •  Marketing through costumer relations.
  •  Information Management/Processing.
  •  Beacons Technology.
  •  Customer Satisfaction.
  •  Health and Fitness Center Industry.

Work experience and skills:

  • I work hard and are determined.
  • Wrote a 11-month long study in 2017 about marketing
  • Through customer satisfaction, and the importance of information managing.
  • I  have some experience with startups

Kirkeberg, Fredrik   MATCHED WITH IVALDI

Fredrik Kirkeberg 2.jpg

Bachelor, Hotel Management (2018)

An energetic and social guy from Norway who loves to play golf and football (soccer). Interested in technology and video games. In my 26 years, I have worked in a few different sectors, I have been a bartender, waiter, conference host and receptionist while working at four different hotels. Also worked for an event company with rigging and other tasks, like transportation and catering. Have some management experience from when I was vice president of the student organization Serviceforum.  

Special interests: Biotech, Augmented reality, Holotech. 
Work experience and skills: Sales, Customer relations, Product description writing.



Marcus Langseth Nickelsen 2.png

Master of Science in Marine Technology

If you are looking for an employee with a thorough education in engineering and technology, as well as great interests in business and entrepreneurship, I'm your pick! During the last couple of years, my interests have peaked, thus my participation in this program, and I'll probably study more entrepreneurship afterwards (if I'm not working somewhere interesting by then). I'm hard working, a fast learner and always interested in learning more and making new friends along the way. I'm very exited about this great learning opportunity, and look forward to spending time in the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Special interests:computer science/coding, space tech, green tech, electronic tech, tech designed to help those who experience additional daily challenges

Work experience and skills: engineering in general, project work (business case/risk assessment/market analysis/data analysis), 2D and 3D design, coding (i'm learning code now, so no expert, but I can probably contribute to a project).

Løvaas, Morten Nestvold     MATCHED WITH MONTAAG

Morten Løvaas 2.jpg

BSc, Economics and Business Administration

As a person who enjoys pushing boundaries, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work for a disruptive Bay Area company. I enjoy engaging in activities beyond the regular NHH curriculum, which is why I'm very active in our student union, being the leader of the student-run organising committee for NHH International Case Competition, a very active member of NHHS Case Club and on top of that I've been playing in NHH's student big band for three years. I have extensive training in pitching through my extracurricular activity in our Case Club and I have won two national case competitions and participated in several international competitions. I could therefore assist you by creating stories, slide decks and presentations/investor pitches. In doing cases, I learn to tackle complex strategic problems with company-wide ramifications. This type of problem-solving is what makes me eager to work for a start-up and apply my skills to help your company succeed. I have broad interest within science and technology, and in particular I'm a huge space geek. One of my favourite aspects of case-solving has been engaging in design thinking and working on designing the customer journey, and I would be very interested in doing similar tasks in your                                                                                    company.

Special interests: 

  • Biotech
  • AI/Machine learning
  • Renewables/green tech
  • Internet of Things products/services

Work experience and skills:

  • Won BEKK-oppdraget in 2017. A 24-hour strategic case competition for BEKK Management Consulting and TINE AS, Norway's largest dairy producer and BEKK Management Consulting.
  • Won national finals of KPMG International Case Competition 2018. Delivered two fintech cases for shipping and banking and presented for head of the Norwegian branch of KPMG. Norway's delegation for the world finals in Kuala Lumpur in April.
  • Experience with establishing a new organisation as head of marketing and board member of the inaugural NHH International Case Competition in 2017. Now I have assumed the leader position for 2018.
  • Experienced with crafting and delivering presentations. Skilled in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • I'm very structured. I deal with heavy workloads by planning and organising rather than improvisation.





Master in Economics and Business Administration

I come from a small town in Norway where we are proud to be the Norwegian capital of startup companies. I have experience from a lot of different fields. Telephone Marketer, selling and renting apartments, barista and waiter. I have a selling smile and a winning attitude. 

Special interests: technology, sales, finance, consulting, and investment.

Work experience and skills:

  • Experience from former startup company.
  • Can take on multiple workloads.
  • Makes the best of every situation.
  • Fast learner.
  • Positive attitude.

Rannestad, Berge Røskar   MATCHED WITH VOLANS-I

Berge Roeskar Rannestad.png

Master's in Entrepreneurship and Business Design (2019)
Bachelor's in Industrial Economy and Tech Management and Bachelor's in Political Science

More than anything, I am a curious being, always seeking new input. Be it work, volunteering, sports, school, travelling the world or learning new skills and languages, I always go all-in. I thrive when learning by doing, and I try to never let a good failure go to waste, but rather use it to learn and improve. I have been raised to be a conscientious person, taught that nothing is more important than what you contribute to the greater good. I always work to be a positive presence for my surroundings and give back as much as I get, as a minimum. I have chosen to study and work with entrepreneurship and innovation because I believe we are what we do, and the meaningfulness of what we do depends on the positive change we are able to inflict on society. And nowhere is the potential to inflict positive change bigger than within this context. Being given the chance to contribute to the mission of an ambitious and driven start-up excites me more than anything ever has, and I would work tirelessly to repay the faith shown in me.

Special interests:

  • Anything that aims to better the lives of people and/or the way we interact and live together, including but not limited to:
  • Blockchain, as well as any other technology that stimulate democratization and distribution of power.
  • Assistive tech: As a son of two handicapped parents, this field is very close to my heart.
  • EdTech: Nothing is more important than education. Long-time user and steady donating supporter of Khan Academy, Wikipedia, etc.
  • AI and IoT as well as any other technology that has truly disruptive power over our future is interesting.

Work experience and skills:

  • From current degree: IP strategy, brand management, business modelling, building/executing a business plan, working with open innovation, etc.
  • From tech/management degree: Marketing, Scrum, basic programming, UX design, basic statistical analysis and budgeting etc.
  • Worked as a team facilitator, developing project teams' teamwork skills. Taught me how to adapt to and contribute under different dynamics and circumstances. 
  • Worked with marketing, sales and recruiting, so I know how to pitch and present.
  • Seeing things from different perspectives and sparking creative discussion and activity, with good analytical skills and critical thinking


Hanna Risnes.JPG

Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Engineering

MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering. 3 years professional experience as consulting engineer. Now pursuing entrepreneurship part-time to satisfy my thirst for new skills and new insights. When it comes to business and success I believe very little is wrong, but also that very little is right – it all depends on details, timing and how well you handle change. Perhaps this is why I try to continually improve whatever I do, keep up to speed with the market changes and always be agile and pivot when needed. Through it all I try to keep a positive outlook, as it simply makes everything so much easier. I’m daughter of the founder of the leading independent IT service provider in the Nordics, and strategic decisions are and have always been the dinner table discussion in my upbringing. If you provide me with an interesting task, I promise I’ll bring my A-game.

Special interests:
- Environmental causes, energy efficiency and sustainability
- Foodtech
- Digitalization and simplification of traditional value chains
- Machine learning/AI

Work experience and skills:
 - I thrive when working with complex problems that need analysis to be solved and that require thinking outside the box, like strategy work, product development or business model work
- Meetings and communicative tasks
- Academic tasks within my educational field or tasks related to my work experience

Røsvik, Maria Litschi    MATCHED WITH IMGUR

MariaLitschiRøsvik 2.jpg

Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship - Graduate level program, University of Oslo

I am an active and ambitious third year student with a major in economics and specialization in finance.
Fall 2015, I was lucky to be one of the members at, and today president of, BTS Invest. Which since has been my second home and where we have developed a strong team and generated high returns. To achieve great results, I have spent countless hours reading, planning and working with projects and models for my student union. This taught me that to succeed one has to supplement the actions above with a great business understanding. Despite the good results I am confident that the reason behind the results is my genuine interest for what I do and the ambition to accomplish great things.

Special interests: finance, banking and data analytics, and would like to apply my skills in the fintech industry, Banking, Payment solutions, e-commerce, Data analytics, AI, big data, Financial models

Work experience and skills:
 •Business analysis - In BTS Invest I have worked with business analysis for 2.5 years. And through my work as a teaching assistant I have learned to assess the profitability and financial risk through all the phases from idea to startup, and if successful, through to the growth and maturity phases.
•Prepare power points and numbers for meetings and pitches. This is something I do before every meeting in BTS Invest and I feel confident using excel and PowerPoint.
•Market Research - Use databases to find relevant data for respective markets.
•Get funding - I have previous experience with this from my internship at SEB, which is one of the leading debt houses in the Nordic region, offering financing solutions and advice to all corporate and institutional client segments.


Martin Sætre 2.jpg

Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship - Graduate level program, University of Oslo

My name is Martin. I grew up in Aalesund, Norway’s most beautiful city (Google it). I am really
looking forward to work and contribute for a company in the San Francisco area. From early age
I understood that sales and people was one of my key treats. I do not fancy status quo, and you
would probably see me take some internal initiatives.

People know me as a positive and diplomatic person. I have an internal drive to grow as a
person and I use a lot of time to reflect on the choices that I have taken over the last years. One
of my best memories is when the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, opened Loftet, a student incubator I was a part of creating.

I tried and failed a lot before I turned twenty. I flipped burgers at McDonalds at an age of 14 and sold over 2 million meters of toilet paper in my first startup at an age of 19. Which eventually went belly-up (learned a lot). I my latest years, I have been hosting large conferences with our Prime Minister among them, done B2C sales and sold tech services for Gobitech to companies like Statoil.  Again, I am really looking forward to work and contribute for a company in your area. Let’s  hangout.
Special interests:
● I love to work and get to know people, and I believe that I understand them. With that comes marketing, influence and sales interest.
● I would be interested to work and learn more about Medtech and Edtech.
● Tech in general.

Work experience and skills:
● My top skills are sales and marketing. From B2C sales for Telenor, Norway's largest telephone company. To B2B sales for Gobitech. A norwegian startup with customers among the top 10 largest per revenue in Norway. Where I still work today, as Head of business relations and development.
● Marketing strategies.
● I can represent your company in different happenings, build ties to potential new customers. Public speaking etc.
● People know me as a doer. A guy who takes initiatives and follow through 110 percent.

Selås, Maria Grjotheim   MATCHED WITH WOMENHACK

Maria Grjotheim Selaas.jpg

Master in Economics and Business Administration

I am an economics student and my major is business administration.  I am very interested in questions regarding how to run a business more efficiently and I am also curious about how to run a startup and what is important to think about in order to succeed in entrepreneurship.  As a co-worker my last leader described me as positive and clever, and as person that never gives up.  I wish to find a startup where I can learn more about entrepreneurship in practice, and where I can share of my knowledge about business administration.

Special interests:
1. Social technology
2. technology in the fashion sector

Work experience and skills:
I have 3,5 years of education in business administration, and can contribute with knowledge about finances and the organisation of the business.
I have been working as a telemarketer, and from that experience I have practical knowledge about marketing and communication.

Sjøstedt, Kristin Andrea Øberg  MATCHED WITH AUGUST HOME

Kristin Andrea Øberg Sjøstedt 2.png

B.Sc in Business and Economics

As a result of my academic and professional career I have obtained extensive knowledge and developed my willingness and motivation to learn more. The journey can be described as a continuous learning experience and this is something I would like to maintain throughout my studies and in my career.
I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups. During High School I was the CEO of a student firm that won several competitions in pitching, product-development, best business idea etc. I got the opportunity to learn about the total process of starting a real firm. Due to my extraordinary performance and engagement around entrepreneurship I was hand picked to conduct in a national entrepreneurship competition arranged by Innovation Norway. My fellow teammates and I won this competition as the first in Oslo to do so. Other than this I have gotten the opportunity to work in a start-up myself. The company sold ball gowns and other formalwear. I started there as the first employee in the basement of the house of my boss´ parents. I got the opportunity to be a part of the exiting journey from such a small company to a much bigger one. Today I study at one of the best Schools in Norway called The Norwegian School of Economics.

All of these experiences I have gained has contributed to amplify some of my best qualities. Through my education at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) I have developed financial expertise, practiced my analytical skills, established a solution oriented mindset and perfected effective learning techniques. During my semester abroad at The University of Queensland (UQ) I have improved my linguistic knowledge and gained valuable international experience. My involvement as a student also goes far beyond my subjects at school. Through my extra- curricular activities, I have had the opportunity to practice teamwork, leadership and develop my organizational skills.

My personality is best characterized by my curiosity, eagerness and solution oriented mindset. I show commitment through taking on new challenges and see myself as open minded, adaptable, determent and a contributor. I have experienced that I easily gain trust and respect from others. In several situations, I have been carefully selected to be the leading person of e.g. group work, representation of my school or to be a stand-in manager in Mybella AS.

Special interests: Tech, Finance, Consulting, IT, Product-Development

Work experience and skills:

  • Entrepreneurship - I won a National Entrepreneurship competition in 2014, as well as a lot of other smaller competitions with my student start-up company during High School.
  • Teamwork - I have experience with teamwork both from the competitions I mentioned over and from my current studies as well as working i Mybella AS.
  • Task-solving - Also related to the entrepreneurship competition and all the other arrangements during High School since I chose the Entrepreneurship course.
  • Creative solutions - I have always been creative and are well familiar with the process of thinking creative and coming up with a suitable solution to different problems thanks to the entrepreneurship course during High School.
  • I always do my very best.


Helene Skjelstad 2.jpg

MSc in Economics and Business Administration with a major in finance: Norwegian School of Economics

I am a curious and social student from Northern Norway. At the moment, I am pursuing a master´s degree in economics and business administration. I also hold a bachelor´s degree within the same field. Recently, I wrote my master thesis about tax planning in Norwegian companies owned by foreign private equity-funds.
I consider myself as an ambitious and hardworking person, and I am highly motivated to gain working experience in a start-up company.

Work experience and skills: 
- Experience with team work from participating in a case study club during my bachelor´s degree
- Experience with customer care and sales from part time jobs during my studies
- Leadership experience from part time jobs


Stian Skulstad 2.jpg

Bachelor's degree, Information Science

I'm passionate about technology and excited to see what the future of tech holds. I like programming and have been working as a Teaching Assistant in Object-Oriented Programming at my university. Co-founded and ran a company for 6 months.

Special interests: Artificial Intelligence, mobile technology, machine learning, robotics, VR/AR

Work experience and skills: software development, backend, strategy, AI, Android development, chatbots


Stensby, Tobias Nerbøvik    MATCHED WITH PAYMENTWALL

Tobias Stensby 2.jpg

Master of business administration

From a very young age my dream was to become an entrepreneur. Being ambitious, hardworking and welcoming challenges are characteristics that every start-up needs; characteristics I consider myself of inhabiting. In the last few years I have combined my studies with work and sports. Currently I am finalizing my master degree in business at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). While my major is in finance, I have chosen a minor in financial management. Becoming an entrepreneur appeals to me due to two main reasons: It offers responsibility and the opportunity to take on different roles. Looking back at previous work I have done for the student union, I cannot recall all the diverse projects I have taken part in. Some of these include budget-making, planning various events and assisting fellow classmates in finance. I consider myself able to both handle and take responsibility when introduced to new projects.

Special interests:  Artificial intelligence, Programming, Finance, Social platforms

Workexperience and skills: Business, Strategy, Marketing, teamwork, Organizing


Tiril-Stole 2.jpg

Bachelor in Business and Administration

I am a business student from Norway looking to spend a summer working for a startup in San Francisco during the summer of 2018. I am a hard working student with a special interest for both finance and innovation/ entrepreneurship.In Bergen, Norway I work for the student union arranging company presentations and career fairs and I run for the track team and the school running team. I spent the summer of 2017 at Berkeley taking classes within special topics of innovation and design. I enjoy drawing/ designing both using drawing tablets and by hand (my second choice of studies after finance was architecture). I have spent a total of three years of my life in the United States and I like both the country and the people and I'm looking forward to spending my summer in the country both working and learning.

Special interests:  
- Ecommerce
- Big Data Analytics
- Clean Energy
- Sustainable development
- Artificial intelligence
- tourism/ travel

Works experience and skills: 
- Customer service
- Event planning
- Project management
- Financial advice
- Information processing

Svendsby, Oda Tusberg   MATCHED WITH WOMENHACK

oda-svendsby 2.jpg

BA in Culture and Communications

The last three years I've been working at Warner Music Norway with accounts as Spotify, Tidal, Apple, YouTube and with different social media platforms. Also experienced in project management mainly towards different cultural industries. My everyday life is enriched by constant development, creative solutions and adjustment to different tasks.

Speical interests:
- Consumer optimization
- Innovative tech solutions towards cultural industries
- User behavior
- YouTube or other tech conglomerates focused towards the music industry
- Social media

Work experience and skills: Analysis, Creativeness, Solution minded

Thraning, Katarina    MATCHED WITH MONTAAG

Katarina Thraning 2.jpg

Master/Industrial Economics and Technology Management

I am currently on my fourth year of the Masters program «Industrial Economics and Technology Management» at NTNU, Trondheim. After two years in Trondheim I chose to spend my third year of studies in Lausanne, in the french-speaking part of Switzerland - a year that taught me a lot. My study program gives me the title of a sivil engineer, but in fact mixes engineering courses with management/economics courses. During my time as a student I´ve therefore had the possibility to get an insight into mechanical engineering as well as economics, leadership and business strategy, to mention some. 

I’d describe myself as sociable, creative, curious and an optimist, and I love being among people. When not studying I love to spend my time outside (preferably running), watching soccer or cooking with friends.

Work experience and skills:
-Because my study program consists of a high variety of subjects I’ve gained knowledge in a variety of fields rather than one specific
- I’ve worked in teams and with customers in my previous jobs and while studying, and I believe that communicating with others is of my strengths
-One of my favorite courses so far has been «Strategic management», where I’ve learned a lot about strategic aspects that have to be considered in a company for it to succeed
-I’ve also enjoyed working with marketing previously, and could imagine myself contributing on this field in some way
-I´m a creative person, and like to use my creativity to solve different problems


WildeThyholt 2.jpg

Bachelor of Finance in Business Administration and Management

Through the projects I have completed I´ve experienced myself as a targeted and structured person. I always finish what I start, and I find alternative ways to solve problems if they occur.  It is important for me that others can relate to me, and ask med for help if they need. I will always reach out my hand if necessary.

Special interests:  
- Medicine/ health related to cancer
- Green entrepreneurship
- Infrastructure

Work experience and skills:
- Market and financial analysis
- Experience with getting funding through sponsorship contracts
- Management experience
- Creative thinking and problem solving
- Team experience

Wesenberg, Christopher John    MATCHED WITH DRIVE MOTORS

Christopher Wesenberg 2.jpg

Bachelor of Economics

I'm an active student with a lot of passion. I'm currently finishing a bachelors degree in Economics at the University of Bergen. I'm active in 3 student organisations, as well as being active in student politics. My greatest passion is in helping others, and I'm doing this by staying active in the organisations.
I am greatly interested in entrepreneurship, and in 2017 I spent the summer in Turin, Italy with the European Innovation Academy. Here, my group and I won a patent scholarship with Nixon Peabody. I also spent 8 weeks part time doing an Entrepreneurship "Simulator" called Early Stage in Bergen.

Special interests:
-Consumer technology
-Educational technology

Work experience and skills. 
-Organisational work (i.e. filing, event organisation)


Sigri Wind 4.jpeg

Master Economics, University of Oslo
Bachelor Economics,  Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris

I’m currently in the last semester of my master’s degree in economics at the University of Oslo, writing my master’s thesis about Chinese aid and investment in Sub-Saharan Africa. I completed my bachelor’s degree in economics at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris. Languages and travelling are two of my passions. A highlight was doing a three month internship in China. In my spare time I enjoy reading, drawing, and astronomy. I hope to work in an environment where I can combine analytical skills with creativity and new ideas, and work in a team with other motivated people.  


Special interests: 
- Ed.Tech
- Travel planning services

Work experience and skills:
- Economic analysis (cost-benefit, budget, statistics..), and make the analysis easily understandable through tables, charts, presentations and reports.
- Text writing, editing and proof reading (reports, booklets, forms..)
- I have work experience from private teaching, human resources and as a treasurer